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Yankees World Series

Tomorrow night will be the first game of the World Series. For the first time since 2003 the Yankees will be participating in the series. At the beginning of the decade it was almost a given the Yanks would be there as they won in 2000 and made appearances in 2001 and 2003, but enough of the past. This season the Yankees have won 100+ games with possibly the best offense in baseball. They sport a 3-man rotation of C.C. Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Andy Pettitte, with all three of them pitching great this postseason. They go up against the reigning champs, the Phillies. The Phillies are a team that, like the Yankees, win with great offense and have gotten good pitching from their starters. Cliff Lee their ace, acquired in a trade from Cleveland, Pedro Martinez, the veteran postseason pitcher, Cole Hamels, the playoff MVP last season, and Joe Blanton.

This series looks to be a great one, and after a few lackluster years of World Series we could use a good six, seven game series. These two really look like the best two teams in baseball and I expect some pitching duels, some back and forth offensive days, and ultimately just entertaining October baseball.

Moving past the excitement level of this series comes some predictions. I believe the Yankees will take this series in six. These teams are closely matched but I like the Yankees rotation just a bit more. Starting with the first game you have C.C. Sabathia against Cliff Lee. This game can go either way but I see the Yankees taking this one. Sabathia has been incredible this season and the Yankees have hit Lee in the past. Even if the Phillies take the first game I still give the advantage to the Yankees. The second game will feature AJ Burnett against Pedro Martinez and I find it unlikely the Yankees lose this game especially at home. The next game is the real key to the series. The next two games will feature C.C. Sabathia against Joe Blanton and Cliff Lee against AJ Burnett making it a strong possibility they split those games. If you are keeping track that leads two games for the Yankees and two for the Phillies. So if the Yankees win game 3 they will have a 3-2 advantage going back to NY while if Philadelphia wins game three they will have the 3-2 advantage with Pedro and Hamels pitching the next two games. I give the edge to the Yankees in game three with the way Hamels has pitched this season but if Hamels can put together a good game this can be a very close game.

Offensively the Yankees gotta hope for better performances out of a few players. Without A-Rod’s great postseason they might not have made it that far. If he slumps I wonder how well the offense will perform, this becoming especially important because the Phillies have so many players hitting now. At the end of the day though the offense can really only hurt the Yankees chances as I believe the key lies in the pitching.

My prediction is the Yankees take the series in six games with Andy Pettitte getting the series clinching win in new Yankees Stadium.

Yanks Take First Game Of Series

Wow what a performance by the Yankees. The game started out slow as the young pitcher for Minnesota showed control and poise and kept the Yanks off the board the first time through. The problem is this Yankee team is too good to keep silent forever and after the Twins scored the first two runs the Yankees picked it up big time. They tied it up in the bottom of the inning and never looked back outscoring the Twins 7-0 the rest of the way to the eventual 7-2 win to start out the series. The convincing win puts them in good position to advance to the ALCS and keep this great season alive.

The big thing to note here was how well C.C. Sabathia pitched in this game. He kept the Twins batters off balance finishing the night with a 1.37 era giving up 2 runs in 6.2 innings. With Joba pitching from the bullpen this series and possibly for the postseason it is very important that the Yankees get good performances out of Sabathia. It was also nice to see the offense hasn’t stalled with the added pressure of the postseason. They looked dominant tonight and most important they looked comfortable. No one seems nervous or phased by the idea of playing in the postseason, and if these two factors stay true for the postseason they have a great chance of winning it all.

Their next game is a big game as they go up against Nick Blackburn. They can not expect to take the Twins out of the game early and it might come down to some late-inning magic. It was definitely nice to see the Yankees offense play well but I am especially interested to see them play next, see how clutch this offense can be. If they are down late do they have the right make-up to pull ahead? Hopefully we get a positive answer to the question. Anyway Yanks up 1-0 to start the series, let’s bring on more October baseball!

Twins to Be Yankees Opponent

After an exhilarating game against the Tigers the Twins have won the Central division. Their reward: a divisional round playoff series against the 100-win NY Yankee team.  The Twins are a good scrappy smart baseball team but if the Yankees bats are going they don’t have the pitching to keep them quiet or the offensive players to keep up. It is not hard for me to say the Yankees take this series in three advancing to the ALCS for the first time since their embarrassing series loss to the Red Sox after being up 3-0.

Looking at the first game the Twins will have a rookie pitcher, Duensing, out there while the Yankees will be sending the CY Young candidate C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia has struggled recently in the playoffs and can not afford to start the series with a loss here. While the match-up is definitely in the Yankees favor it would be a huge hit to the Yankees chances if they were to lose this game or have Sabathia struggle in the postseason.

The second game is going to be the game to decide the series. The Twins put out Nick Blackburn and the Yankees send out AJ Burnett. Blackburn has been arguably the Twins best pitcher and while Burnett has been good, he has been inconsistent this season. If the Yankees win this game the series is in the bag; however, if they lose this one this series can go to five games and if the Twins keep themselves in the series they can make magic happen. Just look at Detroit, talent wise the Tigers have the edge, but they let the Twins back into the division race and in a one game playoff were eliminated by the Twins.

While there is a chance the Twins pull this series out I feel there is too much going in the Yankees favor. They were a perfect 6-0 against the Twins during the regular season, have the more favorable pitching match-ups, have the more dynamic line-up, and can hit against All-Star closer Joe Nathan. This evidenced by the two blown saves he has against the Yankees this season. Ultimately the only way the Yankees lose this series is if their players discover they can’t play in the postseason, otherwise this should be a good tune-up series for the Yankees to get the offense rolling after not have an important game to play for over a week.

Yanks Sweep Red Sox Clinch AL East

Behind solid pitching the Yankees swept the Red Sox and gave them their first division win since 2006. After adding AJ Burnett, C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira in the offseason on paper the Yankees looked like champions; however, that is a story Yankee fans are used to now, big offseasons with championship aspirations. This season however the big acquisitions paid off and the Yankees have another 100 win season.

The most impressive thing about this sweep is they did it with good pitching as that is the area of most concern for the Yankees. Chamberlain, Sabathia, and Pettitte all pitched great games with Sabathia shutting the Red Sox out the day before. After starting the season series against the Red Sox 0-8 the Yankees tied the series dominating the Red Sox of late a big thing as there is a large chance that is the team the Yanks will play if they make it into the ALCS.

The offense is still clicking coming up with big hits when they need it and Hughes and Rivera team up to form possibly the best 8-9 inning relievers. When the Yankees are leading late in the game they almost always win. With the way they are playing the Yankees should be able to compete with anyone. While they have clinched everything the Yankees should continue to start everyone. While they will probably be playing lightly to avoid injury the Yankees should keep everything going to stay on a roll going into the postseason. They have beat the Angels in Anaheim and swept the Red Sox, they have to find a way to keep this momentum going and lead it to a World Series win. The Yankees have won 100 games and just look great, it is time to get some postseason tickets and get ready for some great baseball.

Yankees Trim Magic Number to 3

With the Yankees in command of the division and the Red Sox likely taking the Wild Card this game does not hold the weight of most Red Sox-Yankees games, but nonetheless it was an important game for the Yankees as they wanted to see if Chamberlain could have a good outing to help them feel more secure about their rotation. Well the Yankees had a nice showing with Joba going six innings giving up only three earned runs while the Yankees shelled Lester for five runs in two and a third innings before a ball off the bat of Melky knocked him out of the game. The Yankees went on to win the game 9-5 and bringing their magic number to three in order to win the division.

This was definitely a big game for the Yankees, as they were able to come from a big series win over the Angels to win the first game of the series against the Red Sox, two teams they could see come playoff time; however, the bigger part of this of course was the play of Joba as at this point the division is all but sealed up. Joba was able to pitch very well and turn it on against a good Red Sox line-up, now it will be interesting to see if he can build on this in his next start but it was definitely nice to see him pick it up in a big spot and when he was asked to. If Joba can give the Yankees this kind of production come postseason then they will have themselves a very good fourth starter rounding out their rotation nicely.

Most likely the Yankees will be playing the winner of the Central division, either the Tigers or Twins, in the first round of the playoffs. These two teams have the ability to beat the Yankees but as was shown during the course of the season the Yankees have generally played well against them, with a series lead of 5-1 over the Tigers and 7-0 against the Twins. With the other teams they most likely would play being the Red Sox and Angels, it is a good sign that they Yankees have been able to take it to both recently. Overall while the Yankees have not had the most consistent pitching rotation you’ve got to like the talent there and if they can turn it on for the postseason the Yankees will go far, especially with the line-up they have as the Yankees always seem to score tons of runs.