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Week 9 Power Rankings

1. Saints

The Saints have won in every possible way. They remind me of the Yankees of the NFL. No matter what they never seem out of the game and they are the most complete team right now.

2. Colts

Peyton Manning looks like the MVP of the league. The defense is playing a lot better than people have noticed.

3. Vikings

They have the most talented team in the NFL. They would be the best team in the league if they learned to play a full 60 min. Still they are 7-1 and looking very good.

4. New England

This team is looking to get back on track. They are getting the big play and are performing well on defense. This match-up with the Colts is huge.

5. Denver

Two straight losses brings them closer to the Chargers in the division. Still they have the looks of a good team and should get things turned around next week.

6. Bengals.

Wow this team looks impressive. This week is their chance to cement themselves as the AFC North favorite. Who would have thought that after the past decade of Bengals football.

7. Steelers

After an early season skid this team has found its stride beating the Vikings and Broncos in back to back games.

8. Cowboys

A big turnaround the last couple weeks put the Cowboys in first in the NFC East.

9. Cardinals

A little inconsistent but when they get things clicking they have an unstoppable offense.

10. Falcons

This team has struggled a bit lately but took a game they had to have.

11. Eagles

After trouncing the Giants they lost when it mattered most against the Cowboys. This team has not done well in tight contests but are 5-3 and have a talented team.

12. Chargers

Slowly they are getting themselves back into the playoff race. Don’t look now but they are a game out of first. Who would have seen this coming after their Monday night game against the Broncos.

13. Giants

Four straight losses have put this team in jeopardy. They still have enough talent to propel themselves into the playoffs but they have to start winning now.

14. Texans

This team is starting to play more consistently, but still make too many mistakes to make it into the next level. Loads of offensive talent and a 5-4 start could help them sneak into the playoffs for the first time in the franchise’s history.

15. Ravens

At 4-4 this team needs to get things going. They have a good team but they are not all coming together.

16. Jets

Since the 3-0  start they have not shown much. They have young talent and could get on a roll but for now they are just a .500 team.

17. Packers

This team could not afford that loss. The o-line situation is killing them, and their defense has not been that great this season.

18. Bears

Lovie Smith calling the plays has not helped much. This team is just not that good right now.

19. 49ers

They had a good start but they haven’t looked good as of late. The passing game has not improved much and there have been holes in the defense.

20. Jaguars

This team is incredibly inconsistent and ultimately not that good. The have a legitimate threat at receiver in Sims-Walker but have problems at quarterback and lack the dominating defense.

21. Dolphins

This team is a very well coached team. Unfortunately they are not that explosive.

22. Panthers

The running attack is finally coming alive and it has helped this team to be competitive. Unfortunately at 3-5 this team is not talented enough to sneak into the playoffs.

23. Seahawks

They need to fix the running game in the offseason.

24. Titans

This team had the talent to compete for a playoff spot and since Vince Young has started they are showing why. Like the Panthers they are in too deep of a hole but now is the time to see if Young can be their future quarterback.

25. Bills

This team has suffered big injury problems. They have some talent but they need a new quarterback and head coach next year.

26. Redskins

An injury to Portis makes matters worse.

27. Lions

The team is only slightly better than last year. Still they look like they’re on the right track and could compete in a season or two.

28. Raiders

It might be too early to say but it is hard to justify sticking with Russel…besides his outrageous salary.

29. Chiefs

They might not have a lot of wins but they do play hard. For so many top picks you’d think they would have more talent. Chambers seems like a good pick-up

30. Bucs

Josh Johnson’s first start was a win. Unfortunately he might go all season without getting another one. This franchise needs Johnson to be the man or they are going to have some tough years.

31. Rams

Having the bye helps to savor the victory over the Lions. This team needs to add talent outside of Steven Jackson and that means drafting better.

32. Browns

The GM is fired and if they are smart Mangini will follow. This team made as many on field mistakes as they did off them. Cleveland fans deserve better.

Week Five Power Rankings

1. Giants

Even with injury problems the Giants find ways to dominate, even the back-ups outscored the Raiders. Hakeem Nicks is proving more each week and with Manningham and Smith form arguably the best young receiving group in the NFL.

2. Colts

This team is getting better each week. Even without a running game they have managed to put up over 30 points the past three weeks. More importantly they are playing better on defense not allowing a single rusher to gain more than 60 yards.

3. Saints

Had a bye week giving them time to prepare for a big game against the Giants. A win here would really cement them as the favorite in the NFC even with the play of the Vikings.

4. Vikings

This team looks nothing like the 2003 Vikings team that went 6-0 and missed the playoffs. Adrian Peterson has not put up huge numbers but this offense is still clicking. Brett Favre and these receivers are getting on the same page and are looking great. The defense is still a top unit.

5. Broncos

5-0 doesn’t lie. This team has been playing much better defense and are getting the plays on offense to win. Beating the Patriots was the real statement game, not the struggling Cowboys.

6. Bengals

Big jump for this team but they are only a miracle play away from being 5-0. They beat the Ravens and Steelers and are in first place in the best division in the AFC. They’ve got a true number one running back, a good defense, and a quarterback that has given them some late game wins. They are the real deal.

7. Eagles

Dominated another bad team. McNabb looked great in his return and Maclin is emerging as a threat opposite Jackson. Winning without a ton of touches for Westbrook shows the increase in weapons for this offense.

8. Patriots

A tough loss to the Broncos but this team has too many weapons and leaders to continue to struggle. They need Brady to return to form but with the Bills and Dolphins in the division the Pats should be able to stay in the race regardless.

9. Ravens

After a great start the Ravens have a two game losing streak and face a tough opponent in Minnesota this week. They were competitive in both those games and they have tons of talent. They should be in the playoff mix all season.

10. Bears

A week off for this team to rest. Had a winning streak before the bye and will be looking to continue that after.

11. Steelers

After struggling a bit the Steelers have reeled off two victories though against lesser opponents. They have established a running game which will go along way to helping them win games. Will look even better when they get Polomalu back.

12. Falcons

Maybe it wasn’t fair to drop them so far after a loss to the Pats. The week off did them well and they dominated a good 49ers team. If this defense can continue to improve they could challenge for a playoff spot.

13. Jets

Two straight losses and a defensive performance like that against the Dolphins cause the Jets to fall. If the defense doesn’t work things out this team will continue to plummet. They have a soft schedule coming up so they should stay in it, but after a 3-0 start this is not where the Jets wanted to be.

14. Dolphins

I know they just beat the Jets but if we look at the entire season you have to say the Jets have been more impressive. Putting that aside since Henne has started this team has looked a lot better, they faced the Falcons, Chargers and Colts to start. They can definitely make a run at things.

15. Packers

A week off will do them well. They have to fix their protection issues as they have too much talent to be 2-2.

16. Chargers

Maybe they can come back with a running game? Right now this team is one dimensional as they don’t even have a great defense. Maybe Lovie Smith was responsible for the Bears defense instead of Rivera like he claims.

17. 49ers

Maybe Crabtree wasn’t supposed to be signed. For such a good start a performance like that is surprising. That defense looked nothing like the unit we have seen this season and without Gore this offense lacks a punch. This team better make sure this performance doesn’t continue or they won’t make the postseason.

18. Cardinals

Got the win against a not so good Texans team, but still pull back to .500. With the 49ers at 3-2 this team is already back in the race, and if it can play consistently can make a run at the playoffs.

19. Texans

Remember when people chose this as the surprise team. Maybe this franchise is just cursed? They still have talent so they could make a run but at this point it seems unlikely.

20. Seahawks

Well what a way for Hasselbeck to come back. If he can stay healthy they can be competitive in this bad division. They might be a shell of the team they used to be but they still benefit from being in the NFC West.

21. Jaguars

Just as they were gaining some momentum. This team never seems to play consistently. There is talent but they are just not that great of a team.

22. Cowboys

They have beaten teams with a combined record of 1-13 and except for the Bucs did not beat any of these teams decidedly. Without Felix Jones they do not have a good offense and needed a 250 yard day from Miles Austin to win against a bad Cheifs team.

23. Panthers

Well they are finally in the win column. This team is not very good and needs a quarterback. Ron Meeks was not the defensive coordinator for this team.

24. Lions

This team is losing but still playing well. They have a tough start to the season but when they will get more wins.

25. Titans

I know they were 13-3 last season but they haven’t won a game yet. This team has talent but doesn’t care to show it. Not even a divisional match-up was enough to get this team to show up.

26. Cheifs

This team almost beat the Cowboys. Not an amazing achievement this season but it shows they have a pulse, more than can be said of quite a few teams this season.

27. Redskins

Forget about playoffs let’s see how far this team can fall before Snyder has a meltdown. Is it just me or do they always play way worse after a big offseason.

28. Bucs

When is Freeman going to start some games. This team is not competing this season.

29. Browns

Remember two seasons ago when a low scoring game against the Bills was one of two possible playoff contenders? Well this season it was a contest of two bottom dwellers. Both teams need new coaches

30. Bills

See above

31. Raiders

I know the Giants are good but back-ups should never outplay starters. I really don’t know what to say, this team might have problems against some college teams.

32. Rams

They continue to play well but get too many penalties, have too many turnovers and flat out just don’t have the talent to do much this season.

Week Four Power Rankings

Rank           Position Change

1. Giants

Dominated another inferior opponent staying unbeaten. This defense is getting really good and the running game is starting to heat up. When this team gets healthy they will take off.

2. Colts      +1

Peyton Manning is unbelievable. Donald Brown and Joseph Addai will get better, but for now they are 4-0 and look great.

3. Saints      +1

This defense has been making plays the last few weeks and are taking pressure off Brees and the offense. With this balance they will be in the SuperBowl discussion all season.

4. Vikings      +1

Wow so that is what the Vikings can do with a quality quarterback. With Brett Favre’s big day teams are going to focus on the passing game opening up holes for Peterson. If Favre stays healthy this team is elite.

5. Patriots      +10

After back to back wins against possible playoff teams the Pats look to be getting that swagger back. This defense is far better than thought and Brady seems to be getting comfortable.

6. Ravens      -4

Had a tough loss to the Pats but still have a great offense and a punishing defense. Ray Rice had over 100 yards with 11 carries. This team is still one of the best in the league.

7. Jets    -1

Lost but to an elite team. The defense kept the Saints to 10 offensive points. Still they are not going to go very far if they can’t get more production from their offense.

8. Eagles     -1

Had a week off and are getting healthy. They should have Mcnabb and Westbrook back against the Bucs.

9. Bears      +4

After that terrible game against the Packers, Cutler and the Bears have looked great. When Cutler plays within the system the offense is good and defense has playmakers.

10. 49ers

This team plays well week in and week out and outside of a miracle play from a very good team, they would be 4-0. Imagine if this team gets Crabtree this season.

11. Steelers     +3

Had an impressive game Sunday finally running the ball. Still seems to have troubles in the fourth quarter. If the Steelers can run the ball like that they will be fine, if not they might find themselves out of the postseason.

12. Broncos     +7

Ok maybe this team is for real. Still not sure how good the Cowboys are but a team doesn’t get to 4-0 by accident. They have a tough stretch of games so they’ve got to keep this up or they could be like the Bills of last season.

13. Bengals       -4

A win is a win but overtime against the Browns? Still good teams are allowed to have a few stinkers and in the end they are 3-1 and close to 4-0. This team needs to get some big plays down the field.

14. Packers      -3

They can’t protect or run the ball. They get little pressure on the quarterback. Playoff teams win in the trenches and the Packers have not done this. Still they have tons of talent and a good coaching staff. Have to turn it around fast with the Vikes and Bears in the division.

15. Chargers      -7

What has happened to the team. Maybe bad coaching has caught up to them, karma for firing Marty after a 14-2 season. This team still has no running game and is now having trouble stopping the run. They can’t afford any more injuries and with the Broncos starting hot can’t depend on winning the division by default.

16. Jaguars       +4

Maybe I was too harsh last week. Two straight weeks of good football. If the passing game can continue to produce maybe they can make a playoff push.

17. Cowboys        -5

Who said they would be better without T.O.? They have no threat at receiver and without Felix Jones don’t have an explosive running game. They have a good defense but the offense needs to step up in order to win.

18. Falcons          -2

Had the week off. They have talent on offense but the Pats exposed them big time on defense. They need Turner to get it going to be a threat again.

19. Cardinals       -2

Another team with a week off and they better hope they worked out the problems. The 49ers are running away with things and the NFC is too good to sneak into the playoffs.

20. Texans        +1

Beating the Raiders isn’t the most impressive thing. Still this team has talent and is only 2-2 so they can get back into this.

21. Dolphins       +2

Dolphins have to like what they see in Henne. They are a well coached team and are close to being a playoff team again, just not this season.

22. Bills        -4

This team needs a change. Jauron is not the coach for this team and there is not a lot saying Edwards is the quarterback.

23. Titans       -1

So much for best 0-3 team, they look like they belong at 0-4. After a 13-3 season who saw this?

24. Panthers      +1

A week off hopefully gives Delhomme time to get things together. This team needs to get the running game going like last season if they want any hope.

25. Seahawks       -1

Without Hasselbeck this team has no chance. For a team two years removed from the playoffs they have fallen fast. Ignoring the running game has come back to haunt them.

26. Lions

They might have lost again but they look competitive in at least the first half of games. This team will get better, they are close to being average, which is big coming off a 0-16 season.

27. Redskins      +2

Well at least they won this week. Wasn’t Zorn a QB coach, Campbell doesn’t look to be any better.

28. Browns      +3

The switch to Anderson was a good move. At least they will be competitive in their losses.

29. Raiders     -2

They looked competitive in the first weeks but now they just look pathetic. How much longer are they going to allow Russel to start?

30. Bucs   -2

Maybe that is why they started the season with Leftwich. Johnson did not look good and the Bucs lost a game they really could have won.

31. Cheifs   -1

They got decimated by the Giants. This team can’t run, and don’t play well against the run. They have a lot of talent in the front four but this team seems to be getting worse.

32. Rams

They got rocked by the 49ers. There is just not enough talent on this team to compete and it doesn’t get any easier next week as they go against the Vikes.

Week 3 Power Rankings

1. New York

Had the best running attack from last season and with a 200+ yard performance looks to return to that dominance. With outstanding play from Eli Manning and a shut-out by the defense this teams looks to be the most well rounded and dominant team in the league.

2. Ravens

Stellar run defense and the first potent offense in years for this team makes them a real force to reckon with. If Flacco can continue this production there looks to be few teams that will be able to keep up with the Ravens this season.

3. Colts

With so many parts missing you’d think it was times for the Colts to take a step back, but Peyton continues to fire on all cylinders. With just 14 minutes Peyton can lead his team to victory. If the running game ever picks up watch out. Keeping the Cardinals to ten points was huge.

4. Saints

Drew Brees looks like a sure fire MVP candidate. With Brees struggling this week the running game carried the offense and the defense held the Bills to just seven points. This team doesn’t just find ways to win but ways to dominate.

5. Vikings

The Vikings are lucky to earn this spot as a last second miracle play is what won them a game against a team without its top offensive playmaker. Still the Vikings have a great defense, the best running back and for the first time since 2004, a quarterback that can win them games in crunch time. When Brett Favre learns this offense the sky’s the limit.

6. Jets

A rookie head coach, a rookie QB, no true number 2 receiver…so how are the Jets 3-0. With dominant defensive play steady quarterbacking and a fearless attitude the Jets have kept opponents off balance. Sanchez will just get better as the year goes on and the run game will pick up.

7. Eagles

Even without Mcnabb this team still managed to dominate an inferior Chiefs team. They have tons of dynamic players on offense to the point where they can afford to sit Westbrook even with Mcnabb out. On defense they still have a strong unit that has created turnovers and constant pressure. If they are this good with Kolb how good can they be with Mcnabb and a more implemented Vick?

8. Chargers

This week against the Steelers will go along way to see how good this team can be. They struggled to beat the Raiders, and didn’t put the Dolphins away till late; also they have problems running and scoring in the red zone. Putting all this aside they still have one of the best passing games in the league and their defense can get after quarterbacks. This team is 2-1 and gets better later in the year. They have too much talent not to make the playoffs

9. Bengals

Following a surprise win against the Packers the Bengals managed a come from behind victory against the Steelers. Coming into this season the Bengals looked like they had potential to be a break out team and so far they are showing why. Cedric Benson has showed why he deserved to be taken 4th overall by the Bears all those years ago and with a steady running game and a healthy Carson Palmer this offense is dangerous. All the attention they have put on defense the past couple years have paid off as they have the most underrated unit in the league.

10. 49ers

This team is for real. They have looked superb all season and had 3-0 stolen from them. Even without Frank Gore they kept up with one of the top teams, and with him they have a dominant running game. Shaun Hill is steady and Davis is turning into a real weapon….this defense is nasty and you’d expect nothing less with Singletary as the head coach.

11. Packers

They have good skill players but an offensive line in flux. The defense hasn’t been as good as thought but they are getting turnovers and in no way are costing the Packers games. They let the Rams stay close throughout. If this offense ever gets rolling they will be a scary team to play.

12. Cowboys

This team still has a good defense and an incredible running game…Felix Jones is amazing. With that running game scoring 13 offensive points against the Panthers is unacceptable. Romo won’t play this poor all season and the young corners should pan out sooner than later. If Anthony Spencer ever lives up to his potential the Cowboys pass rush will be unstoppable.

13. Bears

The Bears had a disappointing game against the Packers but without a long completion to Jennings would be 3-0 on the season. Cutler has done a great job of minimizing mistakes and will just get better as he gets more accustomed to the receivers. This defense looks a lot better with Lovie Smith taking over playcalling duties.

14. Steelers

This team might be 1-2 but they lost both games in the final minutes and against two good teams. Still like Parcells used to say: “you are what your record says you are.” The Steelers still have a good team but if they don’t turn it around soon there will be no excuses to keep them up this high.

15. Patriots

After getting embarrassed by the Jets, the Pats found a way to beat a team that many people were high on. Tom Brady seems to be getting more comfortable and once he gets it going and Welker back, this offense could be as productive as it was in 2007 and that is terrifying.

16. Falcons

This team was going to play a good team sooner or later. They were lucky to start their season with the Dolphins and Panthers, two teams still looking for their first win. Matt Ryan is definitely the real deal but teams are shutting down their running game and Ryan hasn’t been able to lead his team to success. The defense has been over performing for over a season now and their lack of pass rush and porous secondary will catch up to them. They were exposed against the Pats.

17. Cardinals

It is so frustrating because they have so much offensive talent, but with their only good game coming against a bad Jaguars team how good are these guys. This is another team that has all the pieces to dominate any team and remember they were only 9-7 last season before their inspired playoff run and a little over 2 minutes away from a championship. All this team has proven is they are still inconsistent.

18. Bills

With the arrival of Owens helping very minimally the Bills offense has yet to take off. The defense is playing better than expected but not well enough to carry the offense. Seven points against the Saints defense is a pitiful showing and if they don’t pick it up Dick Jauron could be gone.

19. Broncos

This team is 3-0 but is there by a miracle play against the Bengals and the sheer luck of playing the Browns and Raiders in successive weeks. Their defense is playing better than last season but they don’t have enough talent to compete with the better teams. Their schedule gets a lot harder from here on out with a game against the Cowboys coming up. There is a chance this early season success could take them on a run but for now it isn’t likely for this team to make the postseason.

20. Jaguars

Wow, this team looked dead the past two weeks, failing to score a touchdown against the colts and allowing Warner to complete more than 90% of his passes, but they came to life against the Texans. While it isn’t enough to make this team a real threat, it is enough to make us question how good the Texans will be this year.

21. Texans

This team does nothing against the Jets, scores 34 points against the Titans, then lost by a touchdown giving up 31 points to the Jags. Is this team ever going to step up and play to the level of their talent? Matt Schaub isn’t even injured yet.

22. Titans

Wow who would have guessed this team would go 0-3. In their defense they have been in every one of these games and are probably the best 0-3 team ever in this league. But at the end of the day this team is 0-3. They need to fix the pass defense and get a new punt returner. The offense is good enough to win them games if their defense could even remotely resemble the unit they had last year.

23. Dolphins

This team is not a playoff team but they are better than 0-3. They had a tough schedule out of the gates and while they have played well, they just aren’t a top team. Their passing game needs a new dimension and they have to work on that defense. Rivers and Manning were able to get tons of deep passes on them and this is not a team that can compete in a shoot-out.

24. Seahawks

This team has fallen far since their SuperBowl appearance. Now that the division is catching up they don’t have a back way into the postseason. They can’t continue to allow their running game to be average, they are going to have to draft a rb this year, if they don’t need a qb to replace Hasselbeck. The defense needs to get better against the run and overall more consistent.

25. Panthers

12-4 and then this. There was hopes that the playoff game last season was just a fluke but Delhomme has not been able to turn it around. Without a competent passing game the running game has not been as dangerous. In addition the switch in defense has left them vulnerable against the run, and with no presence next to Peppers the pass rush has been less than stellar.

26. Lions

They have looked better this season but when you are celebrating a win like you made the playoffs there can not be a lot of good to say. Stafford has improved in everyone of his games and you can see the team gaining confidence. The defense has played much better and they are getting production from their running game. They might be a year away from seriously contending.

27. Raiders

Wow I think I have seen better performances from back-up quarterbacks. How is Russel this bad? If they had a competent quarterback they would be a real contender. They have a dominant running game and a defense playing inspired. They stop the run, get after the passer, and make turnovers. Too bad their quarterback is completing a little over 30% of his passes. They are not going to be a threat with that kind of play.

28. Bucs

Well they looked to be a surprise team but after being shut out this week it looks like they’ve called it quits. Despite what people think this team does have talent. Remember this team was 9-3 before dropping 4 straight games and they added Ward and Winslow this offseason. With a good QB they could be a dangerous offense and their defense does have playmakers but they seem to be really missing Kiffin. It might be too early but they already seem to need a new head coach, and they have to hope for their future Freeman works out.

29. Redskins

Wasn’t this team supposed to be better this season? The addition of Haynesworth has been barely noticeable and that offense has regressed each game. Campbell is definitely showcasing why they went after Cutler and Sanchez. Where is Clinton Portis? The Redskins have almost no running game this season. After the loss to the Lions Zorn should start worrying about his job.

30. Chiefs

They competed with the Ravens for three quarters but since then there has not been much to talk about. They lost to a Raiders team that can’t pass the ball, and were blown out by an ailing Eagles team. Was Matt Cassel really worth all that money? They need playmakers on offense, and hope they adjust to the 3-4 defense soon.

31. Browns

Well the Brady Quinn era might be over. They have scored one touchdown and that was in garbage duty at the end of a blowout to the Vikings. This team just looks awful, maybe there was a reason the Jets fired Eric Mangini. Who knows maybe they can hire Dick Jauron or Jim Zorn next offseason.

32. Rams

I hate to put this team here as they put up a fight every week but the talent is just not there. They are not getting a pass rush on defense and have failed to move the ball on offense. Marc Bulger has had every opportunity to right the ship, it is time to look elsewhere for a quarterback. This team will get better just not this season, but there is hope.