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Jets Preview

After taking their first loss of the season last week against the Saints, the Jets look to bounce back and beat the division rival Dolphins. Along the way they hope to show off their new weapon, Braylon Edwards, and jump back to the level of the elite teams. The Jets are going against a Dolphins team that has played alright defensively and outside of the running attack, highlighted by the wildcat, do not have a ton to show offensively. Their starting quarterback, the former Jet, Chad Pennington was lost for the season two weeks ago leaving second year pro Chad Henne to take over. He had a great first game against the Bills but the Jets are going to look to make things more difficult this time around.

This game starts and ends with the defense. The Dolphins have had more success this season than last season with the Wildcat and have actually done an impressive job running the ball. Despite their 0-3 start they have still looked competitive and Henne looked good in his first week. Still the Jets have Rex Ryan, architect of the only defense last season that was able to combat the Wildcat. If the Jets can keep the Wildcat in check the Dolphins will struggle to run the ball and will allow the Jets to send the blitz, something that should cause Henne to make some mistakes.

On offense the Jets need to attack this secondary. They have some good pass rushers in Porter and Taylor, and have been pretty solid against the run, but the secondary has been suspect. This is where the acquisition of Braylon Edwards comes in. His big play potential should get the Jets some big completions when the Dolphins blitz. If the Jets can connect the running game will open up and the Jets should be able to move down the field with relative ease.

The Dolphins are not a bad team so it would not be impossible for them to lose but the edge is definitely with the Jets. They have looked great this season and despite one hiccup to an elite team last week this team has been perfect. The defense should dictate the game making it hard for Miami to do what it likes to do, and if Edwards can get some big completions the Jets should be able to move the ball offensively.

Jets Trade for Braylon Edwards

In a bit of a surprise move the Jets traded for Braylon Edwards. They gave up Chansi Stuckey, but the more important part is the draft picks they gave up which are undisclosed at this part. Depending on that information we will know whether the Jets got a steal or just a solid trade. Either way this was a good move for the Jets as long as Edwards personality problems don’t affect the team.

This move could be seen as an overreaction to the Jets performance against the Saints. The thing is the Jets have been trying to get a true number one receiver since they released Coles. The big weakness of this team is their quarterback and wide receiver, and this has affected their running game making their offense as a hole not the most potent unit. The big going for them has been their ability to avoid turnovers and capitalize on the other team’s turnovers.  With this trade teams are going to have to respect the Jets offense now. If they simply go to blitz Sanchez then he probably has a one on one opportunity, something Edwards can take advantage of. In addition teams are going to have to roll over coverage to his side which should open some lanes for the running game.

This was a good move for the Jets as no one sees this as a rebuilding year anymore. Their weaknesses were exposed in a game against the Jets and they made a move that in time could propel them to the league’s elite. Sanchez is a rookie this season and needs some players to help him out, something he hasn’t really had. With Edwards he should be in much better shape. They might start out slow, maybe completing on simple long tosses, but as the season goes on they should develop some good coverage and if Sanchez develops properly and the running game gets on track this offense could challenge some teams.

Jets Fall to Tie With Pats at 3-1

Well they weren’t going to go 16-0. At least the first loss of the season for the Jets came against a 4-0 team that look to join the Giants as the class of the NFC. The Jets defense played well and until the end of the game did not give up a touchdown to Drew Brees and that offense. While it is never the fault of one player for a loss, Sanchez was exposed this game and his mistakes cost the Jets a chance at 4-0 falling 24-10 to the Saints.

One offense the Jets were able to move the ball against the Saints but were only able to put up ten points. The running game never got going and Mark Sanchez ended the day with three picks and a fumble in his own end zone. The Saints defense has been good at getting turnovers but they are not a top unit in the NFL so to only get 244 yards of offense, give up four sacks, and have four take aways is not acceptable. The Jets defense has been great but for this team to join the elite level of teams they need to get more production from their offense. They were able to deal with the lack of offensive production because Sanchez limited mistakes but with him giving fourteen points to the Saints the Jets fell.

On defense they were great. Brees never got much into a rhythm and the number one offense did not look that potent. The Saints did get 153 yards on the ground but that was more due to Ryan’s focus on shutting down the passing game than a hole in the Jets defense. The only thing the defense could have done better would have been to get some sacks or create more turnovers. Even that though probably would not have been enough to win. They played against the top offensive unit and basically shut them down, a very impressive showing.

This game was lost by the inexperience of Mark Sanchez. Still there is a lot to be hopeful about for the Jets. This game was a lot closer than the score would indicate and that was against arguably the best team in the league. Sanchez and the offense will get better as the season goes on and when they get a good passing game going this defense will be even better. No one thought this team was an elite team so in a way they are just as good as thought. They are a playoff team that is probably a season away from competing for the SuperBowl. Still anything can happen as the Cardinals made it last year. Right now they are tied with the Pats for first in the division and with the Pats getting better the Jets can’t afford a two game slide. Their next three games are against the Dolphins, Bills and Raiders so if they truly are a playoff team they should win those next three games.

Jets Halftime

In the battle of the unbeatens the Jets are down 17-3 going into halftime. Mark Sanchez has been exposed this game having two bad turnovers turn into 14 points for the Saints. Shonn Greene has looked good this game and the Jets defense has kept Drew Brees and this explosive offense to three points.

On offense the Jets have been able to run the ball getting 82 yards in the first half. This is big as the Jets have had some trouble running the ball as of late and the Saints came into this game hoping to keep things that way. While 40 of those yards came on gimmick plays and Sanchez runs, Greene got things going near the end of the half and is averaging 6.7 yards a rush. Mark Sanchez has been better than people would think this game. He twice led his team to the red zone and has looked sharp on third down. The problem has been two bad decisions that directly led to Saints touchdowns. An interception in the red zone returned for a touchdown, and a fumble in his own end zone that was picked up for another score. Without those turnovers the Jets could be leading 6-3. It is the first game where Mark Sanchez has looked like he cost his team the game. Hopefully in the second half he can make up for that as he really does not seem to be having tons of trouble moving the ball.

On defense the Jets have been great. Brees has been able to move the ball but has not had success in the red zone. One trip led to a field goal and the second went for nothing as the Jets had a great goal line stand holding the Saints out on fourth down. The defense is not to blame for this deficit and if they can continue their play give Sanchez a good chance to bring the team back into it.

To start the second half the Jets get the ball and like in the Pats game a few weeks ago a score can put them back into this game. Sanchez has to get touchdowns when he gets in the red zone. The Jets also would like to see Greene continue to play well to give them a running game. The Jets have to score soon as while the defense has played well, if Brees gets it going the Saints can really pull away.

Jets Preview

The Jets have a big test this week as they go up against the league’s number one offense. The last time Drew Brees played against a Rex Ryan defense his team was down 35-7 before making attempting a come back that fell short as the Saints lost 35-22. While that game was against the Ravens and not the Jets the schemes are similar and it was only when Rex Ryan went away from the blitzes and schemes did Brees get in any kind of rhythm.

For the Jets to win this game they are going to need to have the same success the Ravens had in shutting Brees down. Sanchez and the offense are not explosive enough to keep up in a shoot out. The problem is Brees looks better this season than he has in years past and now he has a healthy Shockey and an improved Colston. In addition the running game has been the best it has been for the Saints since the days of Deuce McAllister. Ryan is going to try and get pressure on Brees and mix up coverages to confuse Brees enough to let the pressure get there. If the Jets can shut Brees down like Buffalo did last week and force the offense to go through the running game, the Saints become a lot less dangerous.

This still puts pressure on Sanchez though as while the Saints won’t blow the Jets out this way they will definitely find ways to put up points. Sanchez is going to have to make plays this game, possibly some big ones in the fourth quarter to seal the win. The biggest thing for the Jets on offense is they have to get their running game going. The Saints have been very good at getting turnovers and putting pressure on the quarterback. If Greg Williams and the Saints D can shut down the Jets running game early Sanchez is going to be in for a rough game.

It looks like a long shot that the Jets will pull this one out but they found ways to win last week, namely two botched kick-offs, and are a talented enough team that with enough bounces going the right way can pull off the upset. The Saints have the big advantage as I believe Bush can have a big day against this defense in the passing game, and if Brees can burn Rex early and force the Jets to play catch up the Saints will pull away big time. Personally I see this either as another blow out win for the Saints or a close win by the Jets ultimately decided by the turnover battle.