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Could the Jets Make the Playoffs?

After starting the season winning their first three games, the Jets struggled to a 4-6 record. Recently, however, they have won two straight giving them a 6-6 record and putting them right in the thick of the AFC playoff picture.


Right now the Jets are only a game behind the first place Patriots, but it might as well be two. The Jets have finished division play with two wins, while the Patriots already have three. Since these teams split the season series, the Patriots win the tiebreaker with those three wins. So even though the Jets have only one less win than the 7-5 Patriots, they need to do more than tie them to take the division. With four games left in the season, it does not appear the Jets have much hope to take the AFC East.

Wild Card

This route seems much more likely. Looking at the teams in the AFC, the ones that look like they are competing with the Jets for the two spots are: The Dolphins, Ravens, Steelers, Jaguars, and Broncos. None of these teams have more than six losses, and only two of them have as many as six, with the Broncos having as little as four. Knowing this, it appears unlikely a 9-7 record will be good enough to make the playoffs, so the seven-loss Texans and Titans seem out of luck.

Returning our focus to the Jets, this means they have to win out their remaining four games. Those games are against the Bucs, Falcons, Colts and Bengals. The first two are winnable, while the last two are games against teams that might have their playoff spots rapped up. The Jets have done a nice job limiting Sanchez’s mistakes, and if they can continue to do that while getting production from their running game, a 10-6 record is not out of the question.

So to answer the question posed in the title of this article: yes, the Jets could make the playoffs. The point, however, is that it isn’t incredibly likely. As I mention earlier there are five other teams in the mix and i think more than two of them are more likely to make the playoffs than the Jets, with the Jets needing some luck just to go 10-6.

Ranking the six teams in order of likeliness to make the playoffs: Broncos, Ravens, Jaguars, Jets, Steelers, Dolphins. The Broncos would need to lose three of their next four for them to miss the playoffs, something I don’t see happening. After tonight the Ravens only have one other tough games, against a Steelers team that has lost four straight, including one to the Ravens. I give the Jags the nod over the Jets because they own the tiebreaker due to their head to head win, so they’d have to drop two of the next four, with the Jets winning out.

In the end there is hope for the Jets, but so much would have to go right that is seems more likely they finish 9-7 or 8-8 and miss the playoffs.

Jets Blow Out Raiders

Well the game is officially over after being decided in the first half. The Raiders looked to look more like the team that the Giants played than the one that upset the Eagles. The Jets dominated in every facet of this game and it never looked close. The Raiders were able to make some plays but not consistently enough to punch it into the end zone. The Jets rebounded nicely specifically Mark Sanchez who played more like Sanchize than Broadway Schmo., blowing out the Raiders 38-0.

Offensively the Jets were able to establish one hell of a running game having two players with over a hundred yards rushing even after Leon Washington went down with an injury. Sanchez didn’t mesmerize anyone but he did what he did the first couple weeks. Mainly take advantage of good field position and avoided the turnover.

Defensively the unit played great, evidence by the shut-out. I know this is an inferior opponent but the defense looked very confident and at no point did the Raiders seem like they had much of a chance. The biggest problem I saw was the fact that the Raiders were able to run the ball so effectively, a problem you thought you would see with Jenkins done for the season. Next week they are going up against a good running team in Miami and they can have a similar performance to the one from Monday night a couple weeks ago.

It was nice to stop the losing streak and stay just a game behind the Patriots. Next week is a very important match-up as a loss would mean a series sweep by the Dolphins something that will hurt if the Jets get it down to a tie-breaker. For now the Jets are 4-3 getting back on the winning track.

Jets Halftime

There is not much to say here as the Jets have really taken this game over. The defense has not been absolutely shut down but they have gotten tons of turnovers and the Raiders have not been able to really get a good drive going. Offensively the Jets are very efficient at this point taking advantage of the good field position and avoiding the turnover. Going into halftime they lead 24-0.

This is exactly how the Jets should be playing football. Yes the offense could have done more but they really don’t need to. The keys to the Jets playing well is dominating on defense and taking advantage of opportunities on offense. They have done that to perfection in this game and it is nice to see them playing well after dropping the past three games. With Miami playing well the Jets are going to need to continue to win to stay in the playoff race. The next half is coming up.

Jets Fall to Bills in OT

After staking themselves to a halftime lead the Jets failed to score in the second half and eventually lost to the division rival Bills in overtime. Mark Sanchez had an atrocious game throwing five picks and failing to complete even 40% of his passes. The Jets defense rebounded but couldn’t keep the Bills offense down when it mattered most, and this without starter Trent Edwards playing most of the game. With this loss the Jets have now lost three straight games and their chances of a playoff berth are diminishing.

Defensively the Jets did not play that poorly. A week after letting Miami charge down the field on them the Jets managed to hold the Bills to 3 points in the first half. They did allow 140+ yards on the ground in this game but that came off of a 3.4 yard per carry average. The big blunder for this team was allowing the long strike to Lee Evans for a touchdown taking away the Jets lead, something they would not get back for the rest of the game. Ultimately I thought this unit played well and while it was against a weak opponent the blame can not be placed on the defense. The only thing they could have done better was get more takeaways as with the offense not getting it done a defensive score could have won it.

Regardless of what the defense could have done better, if the offense had performed decently well the Jets would have easily picked this game up. They had over 300 yards on the ground with an average of 8 yards per carry yet still threw the ball close to 30 times. With the presence of a running game and a legitimate number one receiver in Braylon Edwards Sanchez should have had a better performance. I know he is only a rookie but if he is going to start he can not have performances like this. What we said about him earlier in the year was while he wasn’t lighting the league on fire he wasn’t getting turnovers either. He got into that trouble here and it cost the Jets a game. If this team wants to see the postseason he is going to have to rebound, he has shown that he has the ability now he just needs to cut down on mistakes and hopefully show improvement as the season goes on.

This team started out the year hot and really looked to have the ability to make it into the postseason despite a rookie qb and a rookie head coach. Now the chance of that is looking slim. Mark Sanchez, while not being terrible, has regressed each of the past couple weeks, something you don’t want to see, and more importantly this team has not been able to put a complete game together to stop this losing streak. They have lost three games in a row, two to divisional opponents. A good team does not allow these upset games to happen especially after dropping two the previous two weeks. I worry about this team’s mental toughness as it has not been able to get out of this funk and instead appears to be a worse team each passing week. Kris Jenkins is now on IR, a big hit to the defense, and this is yet another thing this team has to rebound from. This coming up game is as much of a must win game as there can be this early in the season. If the Jets lose to the Raiders dropping four in a row they can kiss their playoff chances good-bye.

Jets Drop Two, Fall to Dolphins

Well I wouldn’t go as far as Rex Ryan and say this was an embarrassment but this was definitely a disappointment. The Jets defense did not play well allowing the Wildcat to walk all over it and made Chad Henne look like Tom Brady in his second career start. Not taking anything away as Henne played great, but if the Jets want to be a top defense they can not let this happen. The Jets have now dropped two straight and missed on a great opportunity to return to first alone.

On offense the Jets looked a lot better. Edwards quickly showed himself as a red zone and deep threat, taking pressure off of Sanchez and letting the offense put up some nice numbers. Sanchez still isn’t going to blow people away and just completed 50% of his passes this week (12-24) but he put them in position to win late and that is huge. The running game got going again and did all they would have to do if the defense played well.

The defense did not play well. Their pressure did not get there and Henne looked really comfortable in the pocket. This probably had something to do with the success the Wildcat had. With so much success on the ground the defense was off balance and the Dolphins capitalized making it look easy against what was once considered the best defense in the league.

Next week the Jets play the Bills and they can not allow this performance to repeat itself. Rex Ryan and this team have too much pride to let that happen and I expect them to come out strong in the game. With the game after the Bills being against the Raiders the Jets have a good chance of climbing to 5-2 before their rematch with the Dolphins. If they belong in the playoffs they will win those games putting them in great position to make the postseason.