Week 2 Picks

NY Jets at New England

This the Jets best chance for a win. New England struggled to beat the Bills, and now are going to be without Danny Amendola and Shane Vereen. Tom Brady is good, but outside of Julian Edelman he doesn’t have a rapport with any of these receivers. That plays perfectly into the hands of a Jets team that looked phenomenal on defense last week against the Bucs. After shutting down Doug Martin, the Pats running game shouldn’t be a concern. I think Geno can limit the mistakes enough that the Jets win a close low scoring game.

Jets win 20-17

St. Louis at Atlanta

Jared Cook had a phenomenal debut for the Rams, and that defensive line looks like it could be one of the top units in the league. For Atlanta, if last week was any evidence, Roddy White won’t be playing at full strength. And with a struggling offensive line, the time might be right for a Rams upset. But the Falcons still have Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, and, oh yeah, Steven Jackson. The game will be close, but Atlanta will avoid falling into an 0-2 hole.

Falcons wins 23-17

Carolina at Buffalo

EJ Manuel got off to a good start last week. But this Panthers front seven looked great against the Seahawks. They should be able to limit CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. The Patriots were able to run against the Bills last week, and expect DeAngelo Williams to do the same. The Panthers will put up more than seven points this week, and get a relatively easy win.

Panthers win 27-17

Minnesota at Chicago

I don’t like Christian Ponder on the road. I like him less outside. Against the Bears defense? Yeah I’m going to pick the Bears. Adrian Peterson will have to have a big day to keep this close.

Bears win 31-13

Washington at Green Bay

Maybe RG3 shouldn’t have tried so hard to get back early. He seemed rusty last week, and now has to travel to Green Bay to face a very talented Packers team that is looking to avoid that 0-2 hole. Green Bay doesn’t have to run 80 plays in this one to make the Redskins defense look bad. Getting the practice against Colin Kaepernick last week should have the defense prepared for Griffin, especially since he doesn’t seem to be 100% and running around like he did last season.

Packers win 34-21

Miami at Indianapolis

The Dolphins showed a great run defense last week against the Browns. The Colts didn’t really show they could run the ball. But the difference between the Browns and the Colts is who is under center. Andrew Luck>>>>>>Brandon Weeden. But he is going to have to play better than he did last week against the Raiders. For the Dolphins this will be a good week to find that running game. They looked dreadful last week, but the Colts should be a much easier team to run against. The old adage is don’t bet against Peyton, and with 11 wins last season, Luck seemed to be developing a similar reputation. Luck will certainly make this a good one, but there is too much going against this Colts team.

Dolphins win 24-21

Dallas at Kansas City

Kansas City’s defense looked unreal last week. Sure that was going against the Jaguars, but it’s not like we’re expecting them to shut out a team every week. And the talent level on this team, certainly makes it seem like this could be a top unit. Last time I checked they had a pretty good offensive line, Jamal Charles, and Dwayne Bowe as well. Oh and the game is at Arrowhead, one of the hardest places to play in the league. Did we mention the Cowboys won a game by four points after winning the turnover battle by 5? The defense won’t get the same amount of turnovers this game, and Charles might even gain 150 yards.

Chiefs win 24-14

Cleveland at Baltimore

Baltimore looked dreadful last week. They are not that bad. What are the chances they go 0-2, especially with the game at home against the Browns. But they still won’t have Jacoby Jones, and the Broncos proved the Ravens don’t have many weapons offensively. They should work to get Ray Rice the ball in space, but he’ll have a hard time gaining yards between the tackles agains this tough Browns defense. For the Browns there should be more running room. The Ravens are still a good defense even though they struggled against Peyton. But I find it hard to believe they’ll shut down the Browns running game with the same success the Dolphins had. If Weeden can limit the turnovers the Browns should be able to pull out the squeaker.

Browns win 17-14

Tennessee at Houston

So here is the question. Is the Titans defense that good, or the Steelers offense that bad. To me all the evidence points to the Steelers offense being that bad. The offense took a big hit switching from Bruce Arians to Todd Haley. Now they don’t have Mike Wallace, pretty much their lone big play producer, Maurkice Pouncey is out for the season, and they still haven’t developed much of a running game. Oh, and the Titans were the worst scoring defense in the leauge last season, and really didn’t change much. The Texans have not looked great since their strong start last season, but at home this should be a victory.

Texans win 28-17

San Diego at Philadelphia

Are the Eagles as good as they looked Monday night? No, let’s look at the defense they were going up against. Let’s remember that the Redskins heavily rely on strong schemes by Haslett. Let’s remember there was no tape on the Chip Kelly offense. Let’s remember that RG3 is clearly not 100% and didn’t add that same running element. Let’s remember the turnovers, and the lack of a running game the Redskins displayed. And then let’s remember that this Eagles team let the Redskin come close to stealing the game. Could they make the playoffs? Absolutely, but how about we see them play a couple more games before we start frothing at the mouth. But how good is San Diego. Phillip Rivers looks like he has been possessed by Norv Turner. Before there is an exorcism performed, is there a lead you’d feel comfortable with the Chargers keeping? The Eagles are going to get the win at home, and the Chip Kelly mania is going to be in full swing.

Eagles win 34-24

Detroit at Arizona

Last season you couldn’t pay me to watch this game. This season? It actually looks like a pretty exciting matchup. The Lions looked great offensively against the Vikings. If the Rams were able to score on the Cardinals, expect to see the Lions light it up as well. For the Cardinals, man did that Bruce Arians offense look fun. Nice to see Carson Palmer finally get Larry Fitzgerald some help. But the Rams defensive line was able to take advantage of the weak Cards O-Line. The Lions defensive line might be the best in the league. They shut Adrian Peterson down last week, and should have no problem doing the same to Rashard Mendenhall. But it wouldn’t be a Lions game without some stupid mistakes. The game will be closer than it should, but the Lions will join the Eagles on the all-hype team this week.

Lions win 34-28 

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

Sean Payton vs Greg Schiano. Do I really have to write anything else? What about that week 1 matchup made you feel good about the Bucs. I don’t care that they’ll be home for this one. The Bucs will score, but I fully expect the defense to get embarrassed. Darrelle Revis is great, but the Saints aren’t a one receiver team. There will be plenty of openings for Drew Brees.

Saints win 41-28

Jacksonville at Oakland

The official Downey for Clowney game. The loser should be the favorite to draft the freak defensive end from South Carolina. But the Raiders actually showed some life against the Colts. The same can’t be said for the Jaguars. And the Raiders will be home for this one. Literally the best thing the Jags have going for them, is Blaine Gabbert is too hurt to play. Chad Henne will be under center for Jacksonville, but that won’t be enough.

Raiders win 21-13

Denver at NY Giants

The Broncos aren’t as good as they looked, and the Giants aren’t as bad. Those turnovers were awful, and six of them? Seriously. Now this isn’t to say the Giants should be favored. The Broncos are still a really good team. But defensively they won’t get the same gifts they had against the Ravens. Baltimore had one receiver that could get open, the Giants showed they have three. And don’t forget abou Dan Myers and Louis Murphy. The Broncos pass rush issues from the first half of that game could be an issue in this one. Unless they feel comfortable leaving single coverage on two of those three. That helps the Giants whose main flaw is their offensive line. Hell if they could get a running game going the offense should be unreal. But let’s be honest, Peyton is going to put up some points as well. The Giants pass rush left a lot to be desired and they are going up against a much better offensive line this week. Peyton will find the Giants weakness, and will be able to take advantage of it, unlike Tony Romo. And I really doubt the game plan is going to be short, quick passes. This one will be a high scoring one, but Eli is going to get his first win in the Manning Bowl series. It has to happen before Peyton retires, right? Plus Mr. 4th quarter hasn’t had a comeback in a while. He’ll finally get back on track here.

Giants win 44-41

San Francisco at Seattle

The complete opposite of the Jags v. Raiders game. The winner of this one has a good shot at the top NFC seed. The 49ers were embarrassed the last time they played in Seattle, but the game wasn’t as lopsided as the score would make you think. Being at home will be a huge advantage, but the 49ers will be ready this time. With two teams that seem pretty evenly matched on paper, I’m going to take the team with the better coach. People may disagree with me, but I’m giving that to Jim Harbaugh.

49ers win 24-21

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

Well I already mentioned what I think of the Steelers offense. The defense still looks good, but it’s not going to be enough in this one. The Bengals defense is way better than what the Titans threw at them, and there is no way they fall to 0-2 especially getting this game at home.

Bengals win 28-14

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