The Giants Running Game

A question I’ve heard a lot from non-Giants fans this week is whether the running game can see similar production for the remainder of the season.

To be honest I barely gave the running game a second thought, even though Ahmad Bradshaw just ran for a career-high 200 yards against the Browns this week.

The running game has been SO bad the past season and a half, that one game isn’t going to do it for me, especially when it came against the Browns. Next week the Giants are going to have no running room against the 49ers, and people are going to stop caring about the running attack of Big Blue.

That would be silly as well. There are some reasons to believe that the Giants running game can at least be a formidable attack from this point further.

For starters, Will Beatty has looked outstanding ever since being reinserted into the lineup this season. I have no idea what happened, but he looks like the left tackle we were expecting to get when the Giants took him in the second round a couple seasons ago.

His emergence helps solidify the left side of the line with Kevin Boothe, a player that is a little underrated in my opinion.

Another change is the plan of attack for the running backs. Andre Brown was able to have success when he got carries by following his blocks and running where the play was designed to. The same cannot be said for Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs last year.

This was probably due to the poor blocking they had in front of them, but both would dance around, or be quick to bounce the play outside in a desperate attempt to find running room. This caused confusion amongst the lineman, and they had trouble knowing where to block, which made it harder for them to hold the blocks.

Perhaps Beatty has helped solidify the line. The new running style has made it easier for the lineman to know their assignments, and that will allow Bradshaw, Brown, or whoever else is running to have confidence there will be a hole if they follow the play. That would be awesome.

Unfortunately I haven’t bought in yet. Even worse, we probably won’t know anything new based on this weekend. Still, it is worth keeping an eye on moving forward. If the running game really has emerged this offense could be a top 3 unit in the league.

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