Once again the Giants find themselves at 6-2 halfway through the season. No, they haven’t reached that plateau every season under Coughlin, but it is pretty damn close. There are only two seasons they started worse than that: 2004 and 2009. Both years the Giants started 5-3.

Yet since Tom Coughlin took over in 2004, the Giants have only won 3 division titles, and received a first-round bye only once. Will this season be different?

Yes. Maybe they won’t secure a bye, but that has more to do with the strong play of the NFC than any problems with the Giants. Between the 49ers, Falcons, Bears, and Packers it seems like 12-4 is the minimum record to earn a bye this year. An identical 6-2 record in the second half will be tough.

The Giants play the Steelers, Bengals, Packers, Redskins, Saints, Falcons, Ravens, and Eagles. Can you point out an easy win? The Bengals and Saints pop to mind first. The Bengals were a playoff team last year, and still have several important pieces from that team. The Saints haven’t lost to the Giants since Drew Brees signed.

So why do I feel more confident this season?

For starters the Giants seem to be as deep as they have ever been. Injuries derailed the Giants in 2005, 2006, and 2009 (As did terrible coaching. Looking at you Sheridan). ┬áThis season that seems like less of a possibility. Sure if Eli went down we’d be done. But that is the case of pretty much every other NFL team as well.

Think about it though. Who else can’t we afford to lose? Hakeem Nicks? Kenny Phillips? Ahmad Bradshaw? We’ve looked fine without each of them for portions of this season. Sure we couldn’t afford a significant amount of injuries, but again that is a given for any team.

Another reason I feel confident is Eli. He became an elite quarterback last season, and has nothing but solidified that fact this year. This season the Giants have shown the ability to play with any team in this league, and to be able to pull out a win no matter how bad they look in the first three quarters. There has not been a single game they have been out of yet. Their two losses were by one score.

The schedule won’t be easy, but the Giants aren’t going to be an easy win for any team either. The Giants aren’t a product of an easy schedule. They aren’t the product of luck. They are legitimately an elite team in this league, and elite teams make the playoffs. I’d be surprised if the Giants finished worse than 10-6, and with each NFC East team already with 4 losses, that should be enough to take the division for the second consecutive season.

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