Today I was planning on writing a post on why I didn’t think the Mets HAD to trade Beltran. Well amid reports that the Mets will trade Beltran to the Giants for top pitching prospect Zack Wheeler, I guess that post would be pretty useless.

First, let me just say that prying Wheeler from the Giants for a two month rental is a fantastic move for the Mets. Alderson has made all the right moves in his first season as general manager, and he has impressed me once again with this one. Wheeler is projected to be a top of the rotation starter, who could even turn into an ace. He throws a fastball, curveball and changeup. Both his fastball and curveball are expected to be plus pitches and his changeup should become an average to above average pitch. His big problem right now is his command, which can be erratic at times. He averages 10k/9IP, but also walks 4+ in that time. If he can correct the command issues he should be able to contribute to the majors by next season, or as a September call-up if the Mets fall far enough out of it. (though I wouldn’t count on either happening. I’d say he starts next season in AA and eventually makes his way to AAA with Harvey, Familia and Mejia. One of those four WILL make it to the majors next year)

So that is the sweet part. Now to look at the bitter. Ever since Beltran signed with the Mets he has been one of the Mets’ best players. He has added a huge lift to this lineup, and his presence in the lineup and clubhouse will be sorely missed. The young players clearly looked up to him and it will be interesting to see how his departure impacts them.

From a fan standpoint, it is devastating to see him leave. Like I mentioned before, he has easily been one of my favorite players. It is a shame we will not be able to see him in the Mets’ lineup again this season.

Looking forward to his impending free agency, it will be interesting to see if the Mets make a move for him. He is almost certain to test the free agent market, so the Mets will have a chance. Right now Lucas Duda has every opportunity to show the Mets brass that he should be the team’s right fielder next season, but if he fails to impress then your only other in-house options are Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Fernando Martinez. Both have the tools to be successful, but both have had injury problems. Martinez has had problems throughout his entire career, never lasting a full season without a setback, while Nieuwenhuis’ injury has sidelines him for the rest of this season. The point is, can you trust any of these three to be your starter opening day? Couple that with the reports that Angel Pagan may be non-tendered and the Mets have a glaring hole in the outfield. What are the chances the Mets decide re-signing Beltran in the offseason for two years? Let’s just say, as a big fan of Beltran’s, I hope it can work out.

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