I think I jinxed him.

After being benched, Jason Bay went on an absolute tear. Images of his days with the Pirates and Red Sox instantly flashed in my mind. We were finally getting the power hitter we had paid dearly for. His resurgence was just in time for a run at the Wild Card and our hopes of retaining Beltran this season stayed intact.

…Then I wrote that stupid article and he hasn’t hit a thing since. It’s all my fault. Sure you could look at the stats and realize Bay’s hot steak coincided with a slew of left-handed starters (pitchers Bay has faired fairly well against this season), but that would just be a waste. Please throw logic out. It was my fault.

The Mets just have this annoying habit of screwing everything up just when I finally believe. You’d think I would’ve learned something by now, but apparently I have the worst short-term memory in the world.

Every year the Mets do poorly at some point in the season and I realize our playoff chances are slim. Then out of nowhere they go on a hot streak. I stay weary, expecting the wheels to come off at any moment, but it never happens. I wait longer, convinced today will be the day the Mets will show their true color, but nothing. Could the Mets possibly be a true competitor? I start watching. I become enthralled with their play. I start going over how good they could be, how great their lineup looks, and how deep their rotation is. Then it happens. The wheels finally come off and I feel like an idiot. I write them off and the whole cycle happens all over again.


Perhaps I should learn something from this. If I was smart I would write the Mets off now. Say they had no chance to sign Reyes then sit back and watch them capture a championship before locking Reyes up to a reasonable contract (and by that I mean both price and years…perhaps years is a bigger concern). Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen. It’s a nice thought, but it is too much fun to be a fan and believe in this team. I am sorry for the Bay thing though…I’ll try to be more careful about that in the future.

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