The Definition of Insanity

I would love to believe that Brad Richards is the missing link for this Rangers team. That putting him on a line with Gaborik would solve their scoring problems and coupled with the development of their young players, and another spectacular season from Lundqvist they could win a championship. Unfortunately, I’m not insane.

The idea of signing a center to a long lucrative contract, right after buying out a center that you signed to a long lucrative contract (Chris Drury) is insane. Shouldn’t having Wade Redden reappear on the team’s cap be a friendly reminder of this ridiculous thought process?

I don’t understand how the Rangers can insist on having a youth movement, and then after ONE season dole out a huge long term contract to an aging center who just had concussion problems. I can’t see Richards being worth the money in the last two years of his contract, a time the Rangers are going to want to lock up some of their young players. As for now, it’s not as if the Rangers are one player away. This is a team that just made the eighth seed on the final day of the season, before winning one game against a team that was subsequently swept in the next round.

Listen, if Richards was coming on a four or five year deal, I don’t think I would have that big of a problem with it. He is a good player, and while the Rangers have been burned in the past, perhaps he can give the Blueshirts a few good seasons. The problem is, Richards is not signing for cheap, even though he claims he would “love” to play for the Rangers. The Flyers just traded away two of their best players to have a chance to sign this guy. Would a team really do that if they didn’t intend to throw a lot of money at this guy, and have a good chance of signing him? If it takes 6-7 years to sign him, I don’t want him.

I just can’t comprehend how Sather can be at this again. Drury, Gomez, Redden and the list goes on. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity. So while I’d love to believe Richards is going to come to New York and light things up, eventually helping the Rangers win the Stanley Cup, I just can’t keep believing these high profile signing won’t blow up in our face. Call me crazy, but I want to stick with our young guys.

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