Quite A Ride

Wow. What a game. Entertaining till the end, but absolutely crazy. Sitting back with an 8-6 lead, and K-Rod coming out to close the game, you had to feel confident. Unfortunately I didn’t. As much as I have finally bought into the legitimacy of the Mets (and by “bought in” I mean I believe that they are playing well now, clearly have talent on the team, and have a chance to stay withing 5 games of the wild card for the rest of the season…all while being terrified the wheels are going to fall off at any moment. Ahhh cautious optimism!) as soon as Gary said, K-Rod is coming in to save his 20th consecutive save, I knew he would blow it. I am very superstitious and I believe whenever an announcer says something positive about one of my team’s players, something bad happens. When Gary said that I screamed, “KNOCK ON WOOD!!” It was to no avail. That smug bastard did nothing, and K-Rod blew the save.

Of course, after that Lucas Duda had to flub a play the exact way Gary said Murphy could screw it up just innings prior. And adding insult to injury, he called Duda “Murphy” throughout the entire explanation of the play. After that Carrasco inexplicably balked to “drive in” the winning run for the Braves. Just a crushing defeat.

Still, there is evidence the Mets have come a long way. When Dickey left the game in the fourth inning having surrendered 6 runs, how many people thought the Mets would come back and even take the lead? In the eighth inning, when the Mets scored a run off of an intentional walk and two errors I felt fantastic. Finally, it was the Braves making countless errors. At first I did a double take to make sure it wasn’t the Mets in the field. Then I tried to make sure the players just didn’t change uniforms for the inning. Once it was confirmed that the Braves were in the field, and the Mets were at bat, I went nuts.

So I guess, for all the heartache I had today, this was still an entertaining game. Perhaps a good indicator of what their season can be. They start out in a big deficit. (think back to that ugly record at the beginning of the season) Somehow make a big comeback, and even take the lead for a bit as the other teams implode. (Back to .500 baby…or we were. And who knows, we could have the wild card lead for a bit) Then¬†ultimately¬†blow it, because as close as they are, they are at least a piece away from being real contenders for a championship. (sorry, as optimistic as I’m trying to be, I just don’t see them making the postseason. It might be close, but I think they’ll miss out)

One last note: Have the Mets won a single game in extras this season? Earlier in the season I joked with a friend that once the game went into extras the Mets lost. Then when the Rangers couldn’t do anything against the Caps this postseason I joked that it just might be teams I liked. I laughed about it at the time, but looking back, I honestly can’t remember the last time the Mets have won a game in extras.

Anyway, the Mets will take on the Angles at Citi field tomorrow. I will accept a game that is less exciting if the Mets can pull out a win. Deal sports god?

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