Osi Wants Out

Osi Umenyiora wants no part of the Giants organization. According to him, back in 2008 he talked to Jerry Reese and wanted a raise in pay. He was told if he continued his high level of play, he would get what he wanted. Unfortunately for Osi, he has not gotten that raise, and now believes his days with the New York Giants are numbered.

Well I have to say, I have very little sympathy for Osi. He has been a good player for the Giants, but he has always had an inflated self-worth. He has compared himself with the top 5 players at his position, but he has never even been the Giants best defensive end. Strahan was always better than him, and as soon as Strahan retired, Tuck was the player who took the torch, not Osi. Osi is a one-dimensional player that has never really dominated. In 2007, one of his best seasons, he got half of his sacks (6) in one game, against an overmatched Winston Justice who never received any help. After that season, he was injured in 2008, and played so poorly in 2009 that he was benched. He was great last season, but it’s not like he is going to get a raise right before the lockout. And even if there wasn’t a lockout, he has hardly earned the type of money he is clamoring for.

Osi and the NFLPA are using this fairly pathetic argument as one of their reasons why the CBA should be changed. This brings me to a bigger point than Osi’s worth, and that is the lockout itself. Personally, I’m tired of the players and owners trying to win public support. I don’t think either side deserves it. If anything, I wish we as fans could unionize and force the players to take the salaries they used to get not too long ago, and make the owners drop the prices of tickets and merchandise to reasonable levels so fans can go back to the games.

Honestly the players feel victimized? As fans, our team’s home games get blacked out if the team does not sell out their games. Essentially we are being blackmailed into paying the 100+ dollars for ONE ticket. That does not include the money for transportation, and food once at the stadium, not to mention the fact that generally you don’t go to a football game by yourself. Plus that 100+ dollar ticket is for some of the worst seats in the stadium.

I understand why the NBA is heading to a lockout. I have no complaints with that one. At this point, small market teams are having an impossible time operating. There is no revenue sharing like in the NFL. The player contracts are guaranteed, and with the salary cap, if a team makes one bad investment, it can screw them up for a long time. What other sport would have a team spend several years just trying to clear salary space? Also there is no way to keep a star player on their small market team. Carmelo, Lebron, Bosh, Deron, and probably Paul and Howard pretty soon, have showed us that if a superstar wants to leave, he is going to leave. The league is a mess, and they really need to figure out a way to fix it.

The NFL does not have these problems. The owner aren’t losing money. The NFL is easily the most profitable of the major leagues, and they have revenue sharing in place for the smaller market teams. Teams do not have problems holding on to their top players. I think the fact that the Oakland Raiders were able to hold on to Seymour and Nnamdi Asomugha for as long as they did speaks to that. Most importantly, the players contracts aren’t all guaranteed. Think back to Shaun Alexander. How soon after that megacontract were the Seahawks able to release him?

On the players side, they are making considerably more money than players in their league ever have. I mean athletes in general make so much money that Lebron James can tell us, after having one of the most depressingly awful Finals performances, that he is far better off than everyone else in the world. (I know he claims he was misinterpreted, but I don’t buy it for a second. He was angry and he said something really really really dumb, that I am pretty sure he 80% believes) This guy hasn’t gone to college, has such little confidence that he would rather join a team where someone else can win the game, then defer all series to the likes of Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem than dominate the game himself, even though he is easily THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA RIGHT NOW! How is this guy doing better than us? Because he has a lot of money? Because he is famous? Because he only surrounds himself with people that tell him he is god? Honestly I think he is going to pull a John Lennon before he dies and tell the world he is Jesus. Yes, the┬ámessiah came back to dominate basketball for three quarters 82+ times a year.

Anyway back to my original point. I don’t care about the owners, I don’t care about the players, I sure as hell don’t care about Osi “only” make 3.5 million dollars every year while I would do unthinkable things just to get an unpaid internship. Get a deal done…any deal done and soon.

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