Tiki Returns


“After seeing my brother still have fun at our age, it reignited the fire,” Tiki Barber said, according to FOXSports.com. “I’m really looking forward to the challenge of seeing if I can get back to the level of where I was. I started working out again recently. It kind of shocked myself. I still had a lot of the strength I had before. I’m really looking forward to making a return.”

Barber went out on top, rushing for 1,662 yards and five touchdowns in 2006. He ran for 10,449 yards with a 4.7 yards per carry average in his career.

He rushed for a career-best 1,860 yards in 2005 when he made one of his three Pro Bowls.

After he retired, he said Tom Coughlin’s coaching style was part of the reason he stopped playing. The Giants won the Super Bowl the year after Barber retired.

Wow just wow. I will admit I am in complete shock over this one. Barber claimed the reason why he retired was so he could go out on top. I don’t see how at age 36 he can be close to the player he was when he retired.

I find it funny that he now says the reason why he retired was because of Coughlin’s coaching style, even though it was that style that made Tiki the great player that he was. Also it was that style that won us the SuperBowl the season after Tiki retired.

Important to note is the Giants still have the rights to Tiki. So one, would Tiki come out of retirement if it meant playing for the coach that caused him to retire, and the team he has badmouthed ever since he left? Two, would the Giants even want him back considering they have Jacobs, Ware, and are planning on re-signing Bradshaw?

I guess If I’m the Giants I take him since I can’t see his salary being that high, and it is never a bad thing to have depth. Who knows, maybe he still has another good year in him.

Still that doesn’t answer if he’d want to come back to the Giants, and more importantly how would he affect the chemistry. Do the players still like him? Would they accept him back? It is a pretty interesting story.

What do people think? Would you want Tiki back? Would the players want Tiki back?

  1. I was listening to the guys on SNY talk about Tiki–namely how his reputation as a negative clubhouse influence should keep him out of a job. Now, I can’t know if he’s making this comeback due to money issues, or out of a genuine passion for the game, but it’d be hard, as a Giants fan, to root for him. Yet, people shouldn’t jump to conclusions. He is as deserving of a second chance as the next guy.

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