Wilpon to Sell?

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The Mets need a bailout, and Wilpon wants to take on a limited partner to get it. He began talking about selling a quarter of the team, but like everything else in this saga, the line kept moving. Now he says he’ll sell more, as long as he and brother-in-law Saul Katz and son Jeff maintain full control of the franchise.

That should be an easy sell. There are lots of investors out there willing to pony up $200 million for a share of a debt-addled company at which somebody else has the final say.

Don’t count on it.

It’s taken more than two years to get to this point, one revelation after another, one domino at a time. There’s just one more left to fall, and that comes when Fred Wilpon announces he’s selling the New York Mets. 

What do you guys think? Would this be good for the Mets?

Honestly I go back and forth on the issue. The Wilpons have bothered me for a long time. I am a fan of the Knicks and Rangers and yet the Wilpons are my least favorite sports owners, not Dolan. They seem to have little respect for their fans, and never seem to make the right baseball decisions when it matters.

Yet, this past off-season they hired the right people. I know they haven’t even played a game under new management yet, but I like the direction the team is going. For the first time in a while I am not second guessing the front office. Would it be good for the team to shake up ownership when the team is finally getting structured?

I guess if I had to side one way or the other, I would hope they sell. I’m hopeful the new owner will come in and be more fan friendly, and hopefully be fans themselves. It would be awesome if they were as interested in winning a World Series as we were.

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