Murphy at Second?

Via the Washington Post:

Murphy has been putting in some extra time learning the position, especially with his pivots. He often comes in early or stays late to get in some practice time by himself.

“We have a pitching machine in the batting cages, so I go in there and turn it on and work on transfers and some of my footwork without it being too taxing or worrying about finishing the play and throwing it, so it’s not too tiring on my arm,” Murphy said. “That’s more of a ‘me’ time, to get a feeling for my body and what I can do, things I need to work on, what I’m not quite as good at. It’s basically just me trying to get an understanding of myself as a second baseman.”

Murphy said playing second doesn’t feel any different on his knee, and he is completely healthy and ready to compete after testing it in winter ball this offseason.

“I got a chance to play some second base in a game situation, and it was also a chance to prove to myself and confirm what I already knew, which was I am healthy,” Murphy said. “I played for a month and didn’t miss a beat. I felt good, stole some bases and was able to kind of make up for some of the at-bats I missed last year.”

This is something that is really nice to hear. The Mets have not had a good option at second base since Jose Valentin got injured, and even he was a surprise. I have been a fan of Murphy’s since he was called up near the end of the 2008 season and it is nice to see that he is getting a chance to start. Not only that, but it is great to hear about all the hard work he is putting in.

My main concern is probably the same as everyone’s: can the kid field the position well. We all remember Ruben Gotay and his poor play at the position. Even his hot bat couldn’t help him from losing his spot to the more seasoned Luis Castillo at the trade deadline, (Sad to say Castillo was a step-up from what we had before him). However, with the commitment Murphy is putting into learning second base, I am confident he can do well enough to justify putting his bat into the lineup.

Let’s hope Murph doesn’t let us down, it would be sick to have all our infield starters be¬†homegrown talent.

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