Knicks and Nets Rivalry

Via The Canadian Press:

It’s still more than a year before the NBA’s Nets forsake New Jersey for their new US$1-billion home in Brooklyn. But sports fans are already noticing signs of a crosstown rivalry with the New York Knicks that they hope could echo the days when the Brooklyn Dodgers perennially battled the New York Giants for baseball’s National League pennant.

The Nets and the Knicks will be hard-pressed to match the intensity of that rivalry, though there are glimpses of what’s to come. The Knicks won last month’s bidding war for Brooklyn-born superstar Carmelo Anthony — but not before Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov drove up the price during negotiations.

Fans of the two teams taunted one another last year with in-your-face billboards near each other’s arenas. And on Thursday, Knicks star Amare Stoudemire helped New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dedicate a basketball court just blocks from the Nets’ future Brooklyn home.

So what do you think? Will the Knicks-Nets rivalry ever be big?

Personally when I first read about this I had the same reaction as most Knicks fans: really? You think the Nets will steal fans from the Knicks? They are moving to Brookyln, Carmelo Anthony’s hometown, and he wanted no part of that team. Once I get over that cockiness, though, I realize this could be a great thing.

With the Knicks returning to relevance again many people have been trying to build up rivalries for the Knicks: The Heat, The Celtics, hell after their recent play maybe even the Cavs. Well why not the Nets? If they can continue their plans and improve their talent level like the Knicks have this rivalry could be a lot of fun.

Everyone tries to make a rivalry out of the Yankees-Mets, or the Giants-Jets, but why? Those teams rarely play each other. If there is a Nets-Knicks rivalry we can have games that not only battle for dominance of the city, but for dominance of the NBA. I am excited just thinking about it.

What makes sports great is rivalries. There is nothing better than when the Giants beat the Eagles, or the Mets take it to the Braves. It is about time the Knicks developed some fun rivalries this decade, and if the Nets want one, then let’s give it to them.

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