Jacobs Taking Less Money

Via Football News Now

“If they happen to ask [me] to take the pay cut and it is an unnecessary amount, then absolutely not,” Jacobs said viaESPN New York. “But other than that, if it is something that can be done, then yes, then whatever is going to get the team going and winning”

Jacobs added that he understands the business aspect of things and doesn’t want the same situation that forced the Giants to part with Derrick Ward to happen to either him or fellow running back Ahmad Bradshaw

“The whole thing with Ahmad and me, I want to be a Giant, no question about it,” he said. “But it is a business and I want to be able to play with Ahmad and play with the Giants but I don’t know what is in store, I don’t know what is going to happen. So I keep my fingers crossed and workout as hard as I can and hope I am a Giant next year.”

Jacobs continually spoke of him and Bradshaw as a unit because he see the duo as a package deal.

Despite all the distractions Jacobs can cause by his cockiness, it is comments like this that make me view Jacobs as one of my favorite Giants. It is not often you get a player so dedicated to the team, and it is nice to know that even though Jacobs was demoted last season, he still loves being a Giant.

Bradshaw is a good running back, but the best plan for the Giants is to trot out the 1-2 punch of Jacobs and Bradshaw. Neither one of these guys would be an ideal feature back. With Bradshaw potentially becoming a free agent, it would be huge for the Giants to clear some cap with a cheaper contract for Jacobs so the Giants don’t have to invest too much money into the running back position.

Last season I was really excited with the reemergence of Jacobs in the latter half of the year. Like it or not Jacobs gives us our identity on offense, or at least what our identity should be if we want to return to the SuperBowl. I am all for giving Bradshaw more carries, since he has proven, outside of the fumbling issue, that he can be an explosive playmaker for us, but I believe Jacobs is the one who should start the games for us. His bruising style of running dictates the flow of the game, and can help our offense get into a rhythm.

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