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Fire Coughlin?

Following the Giants big loss to the Packers several Giants┬ábeat writers, and plenty of fans, have been calling for Coughlin’s head. For the second consecutive season, the Giants have collapsed down the stretch, and it is looking like next weekend’s game against the Redskins might be their last. This is very disappointing for a team that had realistic SuperBowl aspirations ┬áto start the season. So should Coughlin be the man to take the blame?

I do not believe there is an easy answer to this question. Yes, I will admit the Giants have shown plenty of attributes associated with poor coaching, but at the same time I do not believe Coughlin has lost the locker room. Also, aside from Gilbride, I like the coaching staff Coughlin has assembled. I have been very impressed with Fewell and have been a fan of all the assistant coaches for some time.

The problem is all of the boneheaded mistakes the Giants have made this season. For one, it is beyond maddening to see receivers still running the wrong routes. I know some of the receivers are new, but Nicks has been around since last season and Hagan was here all of training camp. Why does Manning still have communication problems with these receivers? Second, Coughlin preaches special teams and turnovers above all else yet those are easily the two weakest parts of the team. Coughlin has been trying to fix the turnover problem all season and he has yet to find an answer. It is very alarming that Coughlin has not been able to find a remedy for the problem.

It does not help Coughlin that this collapse came after the tumultuous season they had last year, and if they do not show up to play against Washington, whether or not they have something to play for, then I would understand letting Coughlin go. What makes matters really tough for Coughlin is the rumors that are going around that Bill Cowher is interested in the position. Even with the problems the Giants have exhibited this season, I believe Coughlin is a better coach for this team than a lot of others currently in the NFL. With Cowher, however, comes a future Hall of Fame coach who would bring a lot of fanfare. If the Giants miss the playoffs for the second straight season, and the front office is confident they can get Cowher for the job then I believe we will have seen the last of Tom Coughlin.

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