Giants Make Losing Streak 4

The Giants lost on a late touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson, which put the Chargers up 21-20. It was the most promising game the Giants have had in a while, but they had too many mistakes to win. At 5-4 their season isn’t over, but it is definitely in jeopardy and a division title is almost very unlikely. There were positives and if the Giants can build on it they might be able to get back into the win column.

Offensively Eli had the best game he has had since the losing streak started. He was under pressure for much of the day and managed to keep the play alive and keep the chains moving. When New York did choose to run they had success and they only had one turnover during the game. The problem is after starting 5-8 on third downs in the first half, the Giants failed to convert a single third down in the second. Worse when they had the ball at the four yard line up by three with only a few minutes left to play, the G-Men could not punch the ball into the endzone. They also had far too many penalties that killed drives. Aside from this their biggest problems were their pass protection and Kevin Gilbrides refusal to let the running attack dictate the game.

Defensively they played pretty well. They let up most of the points on short fields and intercepted Rivers twice. The problem was when it mattered most they couldn’t stop the Chargers. With a six point lead Sheridan and the defense let the Chargers charge down the field to get the go-ahead score.  Aside from that the pressure was a lot better and the coverage was improved over weeks past. This was not to say it was stellar as Webster was abused all day by Vincent Jackson, but it was good enough to contain Rivers and the Charger’s offense for most of the game.

For most of the game I was reminded of the Bears game the Giants play in 2007. They too were coming off a bad loss and did not play exceptionally well but pulled out a win. It was the first step for them turning things around on their run to the Superbowl. This was not the case this season as the Giants blew it at the end of the game and now have a four game losing streak. They have a bye week coming up, followed by a game against the Falcons. Their getting healthy and looked better this week, but there are no moral victories in the NFL. They have to start winning games if they want to make it into the postseason.

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