Giants Halftime

The Giants go into halftime in a 7-7 tie with the San Diego Chargers. While the media has played up the draft day trade angle the more important part was to see how these two talented, but struggling teams, would play today.

The Giants offense has been performing better than they have in the last couple weeks, just not as good as it had to start the season. They have recommitted themselves to the running game which gave them an effective first drive. Unfortunately on their other scoring drive they had too many penalties putting them in unfavorable down and distances. This caused Eli to pass far too much allowing the Chargers to get pressure. While Eli has looked a little shaky in the pocket, leaving early and holding the ball too long on some occasions, he has been far more effective than in the past three weeks. He is incorporating Smith and his tight ends into the offense keeping the chains moving. By moving away from the long ball the Giants have gotten the offense into more of a rhythm. They might have only scored seven points but they have held on to the ball for 2o min, and converted 5-8 third downs. This has helped the defense as it has kept Rivers and that offense off the field.

Defensively they have played about as well as they did during the Cardinals game. They haven’t played as well as we’ve grown accustomed to, but they haven’t been non-existent like they were against the Eagles and Saints. They have been getting pressure and stopping the run. They haven’t been great but they haven’t blown coverages making the Chargers earn their yards. Something they haven’t been able to do except their second drive.

Ultimately this team has had some encouraging signs. Eli Manning is playing well and Steve Smith has gotten back into the offense. The running game is working for them and they are converting on third down. Defensively they have stayed in their gaps and made the Chargers work for their points instead of giving up the big play. In the second half they need to go back to the running game and come down with one of the jump balls on defense.

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