Knicks Early Season Performance

The Knicks came into this season without real hope of making much noise in the postseason. Instead their focus was on the offseason where they have a chance to sign at least one superstar, maybe even two. This would be a move that would take New York from a laughingstock to a possible dynasty. The problem is, while they have the cap space to do this, players aren’t likely to join a team that does not have a good supporting cast. Well what better way to do this than to make some noise this season, maybe snag the eighth seed in the conference, proving they are a All-Star away from a championship. So far this has not been the case as the Knicks have started the season 1-5 giving up an average of 111 points per game, nine more points than they score.

The Knicks season has been highlighted by porous defense and slow starts. They have started way behind in more than half of their games only to make it interesting in the fourth. The problem is these comebacks have not been enough to take the win and they find themselves near the bottom of the conference. The team is taking too many three point shots and failing to convert. They have failed to secure the offensive rebound giving their opponents good position to take the ball down the court and score.

It is not just the stats and their approach that has been a problem, but it has been their attitude. All of this talk about next offseason seems to have gotten into the heads of the players and they appear agitated. In game they don’t seem entirely focused and only start playing when the game is out of reach. Al Harrington and Danilo Gallinari have been playing well so that helps the Knicks a bit going into the offseason but not much, especially for winning now.

Forgetting about the offseason the Knicks this year just have not been a good team. They do have talent, not a ton but they are not as bad as they have shown. They need to focus and play the entire game, not just the last quarter of it. It is not too late to turn the season around but they have to make a move soon.

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