Giants Preview

The Giants go into Sunday’s match-up on a three game losing streak, the first one since the Superbowl victory for the Coughlin-led Giants. After starting the season 5-0 and looking like one of the most complete teams in the NFL, the Giants have dropped off. Eli Manning is playing like the shaky quarterback that almost got run out of town, and the defense is resembling the defense that used to be run by Tim Lewis. Despite this poor play the Giants still have a good chance to make the postseason as their record is still a pretty 5-3; however, a loss here can could be detrimental.

The Chargers allow an average of about 130 rushing yards per game, and recently the only thing the Giants have been doing well offensively is run the ball. There is a good chance that the Chargers will stack the box in an effort to slow down the Giants rushing attack but the Giants need to try to run anyway. Manning is hurting and has had trouble getting into a rhythm as of late. This has caused turnovers and too many three and outs making it hard for the offense as a whole to get into a groove and tiring out an already porous defensive unit. Gilbride needs to find a way to get this unit into a rhythm and the best chance seems to be on the ground. Jamal Williams is out for the Chargers and they are not as stout up the middle, an area Jacobs loves. I would send heavy doses of Jacobs mixing in some passes to the tight end and Smith to move the chains. If they can be successful with this they should help Eli get into a groove and keep the Chargers offense off the field.

Defensively there are a lot of things the Giants need to worry about. I would say the Giants don’t need to focus on the running game too much but after the touchdown run they gave up to Weaver, the Eagles fullback, I am not so confident in the Giant’s ability to stop anyone on the ground. There has been talk of problems with communication and that is something they need to work out. Everyone needs to stay in their gaps, stay with their man in coverage, and execute the blitz properly. There is not a big problem with talent except for safety so these issues should be able to be worked out. There are too many big runs from running backs, wide open receivers, and blitzes that don’t result in pressure. Because of this it is hard to say what strategy the Giant should best use as communication is the biggest problem right now. Obviously the Giants need to focus on pressuring Rivers and eliminating the big play. Rivers is going to throw some jump balls to challenge the secondary like Brees and Mcnabb did and the defensive backs need to come down with a pick or two.

This game can really go either way. These are two talented teams that are struggling and desperately need the win. Unfortunately with the way the Giants have been playing there isn’t one thing that has to go right. If the Giants can minimize the mistakes they made on both sides of the ball in the losing streak they have the talent to win. Ultimately I do think the Giants can pull the game out as losing four straight seems unlikely but I would not be surprised with a loss.

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