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Week 9 Power Rankings

1. Saints

The Saints have won in every possible way. They remind me of the Yankees of the NFL. No matter what they never seem out of the game and they are the most complete team right now.

2. Colts

Peyton Manning looks like the MVP of the league. The defense is playing a lot better than people have noticed.

3. Vikings

They have the most talented team in the NFL. They would be the best team in the league if they learned to play a full 60 min. Still they are 7-1 and looking very good.

4. New England

This team is looking to get back on track. They are getting the big play and are performing well on defense. This match-up with the Colts is huge.

5. Denver

Two straight losses brings them closer to the Chargers in the division. Still they have the looks of a good team and should get things turned around next week.

6. Bengals.

Wow this team looks impressive. This week is their chance to cement themselves as the AFC North favorite. Who would have thought that after the past decade of Bengals football.

7. Steelers

After an early season skid this team has found its stride beating the Vikings and Broncos in back to back games.

8. Cowboys

A big turnaround the last couple weeks put the Cowboys in first in the NFC East.

9. Cardinals

A little inconsistent but when they get things clicking they have an unstoppable offense.

10. Falcons

This team has struggled a bit lately but took a game they had to have.

11. Eagles

After trouncing the Giants they lost when it mattered most against the Cowboys. This team has not done well in tight contests but are 5-3 and have a talented team.

12. Chargers

Slowly they are getting themselves back into the playoff race. Don’t look now but they are a game out of first. Who would have seen this coming after their Monday night game against the Broncos.

13. Giants

Four straight losses have put this team in jeopardy. They still have enough talent to propel themselves into the playoffs but they have to start winning now.

14. Texans

This team is starting to play more consistently, but still make too many mistakes to make it into the next level. Loads of offensive talent and a 5-4 start could help them sneak into the playoffs for the first time in the franchise’s history.

15. Ravens

At 4-4 this team needs to get things going. They have a good team but they are not all coming together.

16. Jets

Since the 3-0  start they have not shown much. They have young talent and could get on a roll but for now they are just a .500 team.

17. Packers

This team could not afford that loss. The o-line situation is killing them, and their defense has not been that great this season.

18. Bears

Lovie Smith calling the plays has not helped much. This team is just not that good right now.

19. 49ers

They had a good start but they haven’t looked good as of late. The passing game has not improved much and there have been holes in the defense.

20. Jaguars

This team is incredibly inconsistent and ultimately not that good. The have a legitimate threat at receiver in Sims-Walker but have problems at quarterback and lack the dominating defense.

21. Dolphins

This team is a very well coached team. Unfortunately they are not that explosive.

22. Panthers

The running attack is finally coming alive and it has helped this team to be competitive. Unfortunately at 3-5 this team is not talented enough to sneak into the playoffs.

23. Seahawks

They need to fix the running game in the offseason.

24. Titans

This team had the talent to compete for a playoff spot and since Vince Young has started they are showing why. Like the Panthers they are in too deep of a hole but now is the time to see if Young can be their future quarterback.

25. Bills

This team has suffered big injury problems. They have some talent but they need a new quarterback and head coach next year.

26. Redskins

An injury to Portis makes matters worse.

27. Lions

The team is only slightly better than last year. Still they look like they’re on the right track and could compete in a season or two.

28. Raiders

It might be too early to say but it is hard to justify sticking with Russel…besides his outrageous salary.

29. Chiefs

They might not have a lot of wins but they do play hard. For so many top picks you’d think they would have more talent. Chambers seems like a good pick-up

30. Bucs

Josh Johnson’s first start was a win. Unfortunately he might go all season without getting another one. This franchise needs Johnson to be the man or they are going to have some tough years.

31. Rams

Having the bye helps to savor the victory over the Lions. This team needs to add talent outside of Steven Jackson and that means drafting better.

32. Browns

The GM is fired and if they are smart Mangini will follow. This team made as many on field mistakes as they did off them. Cleveland fans deserve better.

EZ Connection 2

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Giants Make Losing Streak 4

The Giants lost on a late touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson, which put the Chargers up 21-20. It was the most promising game the Giants have had in a while, but they had too many mistakes to win. At 5-4 their season isn’t over, but it is definitely in jeopardy and a division title is almost very unlikely. There were positives and if the Giants can build on it they might be able to get back into the win column.

Offensively Eli had the best game he has had since the losing streak started. He was under pressure for much of the day and managed to keep the play alive and keep the chains moving. When New York did choose to run they had success and they only had one turnover during the game. The problem is after starting 5-8 on third downs in the first half, the Giants failed to convert a single third down in the second. Worse when they had the ball at the four yard line up by three with only a few minutes left to play, the G-Men could not punch the ball into the endzone. They also had far too many penalties that killed drives. Aside from this their biggest problems were their pass protection and Kevin Gilbrides refusal to let the running attack dictate the game.

Defensively they played pretty well. They let up most of the points on short fields and intercepted Rivers twice. The problem was when it mattered most they couldn’t stop the Chargers. With a six point lead Sheridan and the defense let the Chargers charge down the field to get the go-ahead score.  Aside from that the pressure was a lot better and the coverage was improved over weeks past. This was not to say it was stellar as Webster was abused all day by Vincent Jackson, but it was good enough to contain Rivers and the Charger’s offense for most of the game.

For most of the game I was reminded of the Bears game the Giants play in 2007. They too were coming off a bad loss and did not play exceptionally well but pulled out a win. It was the first step for them turning things around on their run to the Superbowl. This was not the case this season as the Giants blew it at the end of the game and now have a four game losing streak. They have a bye week coming up, followed by a game against the Falcons. Their getting healthy and looked better this week, but there are no moral victories in the NFL. They have to start winning games if they want to make it into the postseason.

Giants Halftime

The Giants go into halftime in a 7-7 tie with the San Diego Chargers. While the media has played up the draft day trade angle the more important part was to see how these two talented, but struggling teams, would play today.

The Giants offense has been performing better than they have in the last couple weeks, just not as good as it had to start the season. They have recommitted themselves to the running game which gave them an effective first drive. Unfortunately on their other scoring drive they had too many penalties putting them in unfavorable down and distances. This caused Eli to pass far too much allowing the Chargers to get pressure. While Eli has looked a little shaky in the pocket, leaving early and holding the ball too long on some occasions, he has been far more effective than in the past three weeks. He is incorporating Smith and his tight ends into the offense keeping the chains moving. By moving away from the long ball the Giants have gotten the offense into more of a rhythm. They might have only scored seven points but they have held on to the ball for 2o min, and converted 5-8 third downs. This has helped the defense as it has kept Rivers and that offense off the field.

Defensively they have played about as well as they did during the Cardinals game. They haven’t played as well as we’ve grown accustomed to, but they haven’t been non-existent like they were against the Eagles and Saints. They have been getting pressure and stopping the run. They haven’t been great but they haven’t blown coverages making the Chargers earn their yards. Something they haven’t been able to do except their second drive.

Ultimately this team has had some encouraging signs. Eli Manning is playing well and Steve Smith has gotten back into the offense. The running game is working for them and they are converting on third down. Defensively they have stayed in their gaps and made the Chargers work for their points instead of giving up the big play. In the second half they need to go back to the running game and come down with one of the jump balls on defense.

Knicks Early Season Performance

The Knicks came into this season without real hope of making much noise in the postseason. Instead their focus was on the offseason where they have a chance to sign at least one superstar, maybe even two. This would be a move that would take New York from a laughingstock to a possible dynasty. The problem is, while they have the cap space to do this, players aren’t likely to join a team that does not have a good supporting cast. Well what better way to do this than to make some noise this season, maybe snag the eighth seed in the conference, proving they are a All-Star away from a championship. So far this has not been the case as the Knicks have started the season 1-5 giving up an average of 111 points per game, nine more points than they score.

The Knicks season has been highlighted by porous defense and slow starts. They have started way behind in more than half of their games only to make it interesting in the fourth. The problem is these comebacks have not been enough to take the win and they find themselves near the bottom of the conference. The team is taking too many three point shots and failing to convert. They have failed to secure the offensive rebound giving their opponents good position to take the ball down the court and score.

It is not just the stats and their approach that has been a problem, but it has been their attitude. All of this talk about next offseason seems to have gotten into the heads of the players and they appear agitated. In game they don’t seem entirely focused and only start playing when the game is out of reach. Al Harrington and Danilo Gallinari have been playing well so that helps the Knicks a bit going into the offseason but not much, especially for winning now.

Forgetting about the offseason the Knicks this year just have not been a good team. They do have talent, not a ton but they are not as bad as they have shown. They need to focus and play the entire game, not just the last quarter of it. It is not too late to turn the season around but they have to make a move soon.