Giants Halftime

Following a week where the Giants defense let up 34 points in the first half, the Giants are in a tight defensive game. The only Giants scores have come after a turnover close to the red zone and a crazy deflection caught by Hakeem Nicks. The Cardinals have not been able to get into a rhythm and have only scored one touchdown so far. They go into halftime with the Giants leading 14-10.

For the second straight week Jacobs has looked good running the ball. He has over forty yards on just five carries. I thought something that went widely unnoticed, most likely due to the score, was the success the Giants had on the ground. I know the stats don’t support this but they were getting nice holes and Jacobs looked to pound the ball again. The passing game has not been as good. Eli and the receivers just seem off a bit. Manningham has looked good again by Smith has been silent. More importantly they haven’t been able to move the ball methodically down the field as we are accustomed to seeing.

Defensively the Giants have played much better than they did last week. They are blitzing a lot more and getting pressure. The problem is they have missed a lot of assignments and that has hurt them. It could have hurt them a lot more but luckily the Cardinals were not aware enough to take advantage. The biggest difference I see is the team seems more confident and are challenging the offensive players. Last week they seemed too passive and looked terrible playing the ball in the air. Whether it is scheming by Sheridan, good play by Brown, or bad plays by the Cardinals but C.C. Brown has not been exposed tonight. Now this is not to say they are playing great as they do seem to be missing assignments but luckily the Cardinals have yet to make them pay.

Going into the second half the Giants need to see if they can get Jacobs going. The offense needs a rhythm and some identity and with Eli struggling that might have to come through the running game. If they can get some rhythm and calm Manning down they should start putting up more points. On defense they have to continue to bring pressure. I am worried about the coverage but if they back off the blitz and give Warner time they will get burned. It has been way closer than this game should be and letting Arizona stay in the game is dangerous. They need to take the control of this game because the Cardinals are not going to miss opportunities all night. Either way they are leading now and let us hope that is the result when the game ends.

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