Giants Defense Non-Existence, Lose 48-27 to Saints

In what was supposed to be a game of two powerhouses the Saints easily disposed of the Giants dropping 34 points on them before the first half ended. The Giants offense played alright but got off to a slow start and had two bad turnovers. With the defense giving up a touchdown on almost every one of the Saints possessions the Giants quickly found themselves out of this one. The Positives were very few as the Giants left New Orleans 5-1 suffering a humiliating 48-27 loss.

We will start out on offense as there were some good things we can talk about. For the first time all season I thought the Giants running game looked good. Jacobs might have had his usual runs for no gain, but the offensive line did a lot better opening holes and Jacobs had a pretty nice day looking more aggressive than he has been in the past, and Bradshaw again looked great. The passing game was a different story. Early on they were getting some nice short completions but instead opted to go for some strikes further down the field. This seemed to be a good strategy as the receivers got open but Manning was not on target. This might have been due to the injury but whatever the case was they missed some long passes and before they regrouped they were out of this game. When the Saints started to build a lead the Giants slowly abandoned the run and with the Saints blitzing the Giants pass protection broke down a bit. It was not terrible but Eli was unable to get into a rhythm and got noticeably agitated, highlighted by him lecturing Bradshaw after a missed assignment. The offense was not terrible but I dislike the game plan they had going in. I understand they believed they could have gotten some deep passes but that is not the Giant’s strength. They would not keep up with the Saints in a shoot-out and would have done better if they slowed down the game and used their running attack that was working well. It was not the worst strategy and if the defense showed up I would probably be singing a different tune but I just think the Giants should know their identity by now and stick to it. They won a Superbowl with it and went 12-4 last season.

Defensively the Giants were abysmal, and that is if I am being nice. I can not remember the last time the Giants looked so useless on defense. This seemed to start with the coaching and then translated down to the players. First off we will discuss Bill Sheridan. Going into this season my biggest fear was how he would perform as defensive coordinator. Going back a few years Tim Lewis was the defensive coordinator and the unit seemed to always under-perform despite having tons of talent, evidence by the fact that a season after his dismissal the unit vaulted up to the top 10 eventually winning a Superbowl. When Lewis was let go his assistants were kept, those including: Mike Waufle, Peter Guinta, and Bill Sheridan. Now I do like these guys as position coaches, with Waufle being one of my favorite coaches on the Giants staff, but none of them seemed especially qualified to be a coordinator, especially Sheridan. I mean even as a position coach, what linebackers have gotten better after joining the Giants? There is a reason this team signed Boley in the offseason and that is because none of their picks or signings have worked out, and that goes back to Sheridan. Yes he was coaching under Spagnuolo but he was also under Lewis so I just don’t see what made him so qualified for the position. The only two competent offenses he has faced: the Cowboys and Saints have torched the defense. Going into this game it seemed the Giants had the same game plan they ran too many times under Lewis. There was almost no blitzes, something never seen under Spags, and too many zone defenses. Brees had all day and the receivers easily found the holes in the zones. There was also a quote from a player saying they guessed wrong constantly on Saints plays saying, they guessed run when it was pass and pass when it was run. This all goes back to coaching. In addition C.C. Brown had a terrible game but I don’t think anyone thought he was that great of a player as third stringers were outplaying him in preseason. Shouldn’t the coach do his best job to hide the weaknesses of the defense? The Saints came into the game with a plan of attacking the safeties and Sheridan had no answer. You would think he would have gone into the game trying to hide the weaknesses of his secondary instead of letting the Saints expose it. Moving past Sheridan, this loss is not solely the blame of coaching as the players looked pitiful as well. Osi was going up against a back-up and could not get any pressure. The entire defensive line was outplayed by the Saints. Corey Webster was even abused in coverage some time. Coaching or no coaching C.C. Brown was horrible and the linebackers could not cover Shockey. It was a horrible performance, one the Giants can not repeat if they want to be Superbowl champions.

Next week they play the Cardinals, another offensive minded team and they better respond. We will see if they make adjustments as a good team does not get embarrassed twice. A loss here and their season is in serious jeopardy. They still have a very talented team and a Superbowl winning head coach so they can still turn things around. Ultimately it was one loss and we have to remember this team is 5-1 coming off two impressive seasons, they should put this game behind them and go back to playing Giants football.

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