Rangers Advance to 6-1

Wow are the Rangers that good or did they just get really lucky tonight. The Rangers started out the game well but lost momentum completely in the second period and never got it back. In fact they only had one shot on goal in the first period, yet they remarkably won the game 4-2 against a good LA Kings team.

So far this season this team has looked a lot better than the team that started 5-1 last year. As mentioned previously the big problem for the Rangers last year was their ability to score goals, well this season that has been a non-issue. They have had a ton of guys contributing with Prospal a good pass away from getting the hat trick last night. So far the signing of Gaborik has been a great one, granted the only concern was injury and it has been just 7 games. He has given them an offensive identity and a difference maker in crunch time. The powerplay has been fantastic this season scoring in their limited opportunities against the Kings.

Defensively they have been better than I thought, they still have lapses and struggled greatly against the Kings but Del Zotto and Gilroy have been really impressive at not only getting the puck out of the zone but scoring from the blue line. Now with the defensive struggles against the Kings you would think they would have scored more goals, but that is where the Rangers true leader showed his worth. Lundqvist played remarkable making some amazing saves and racking up 34 on the night. With the way the Rangers have been playing they needed great play from their goaltender and they have gotten it. He has played lights out so far and if that continues they should be a possible Stanley Cup finalist.

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