Week Five Power Rankings

1. Giants

Even with injury problems the Giants find ways to dominate, even the back-ups outscored the Raiders. Hakeem Nicks is proving more each week and with Manningham and Smith form arguably the best young receiving group in the NFL.

2. Colts

This team is getting better each week. Even without a running game they have managed to put up over 30 points the past three weeks. More importantly they are playing better on defense not allowing a single rusher to gain more than 60 yards.

3. Saints

Had a bye week giving them time to prepare for a big game against the Giants. A win here would really cement them as the favorite in the NFC even with the play of the Vikings.

4. Vikings

This team looks nothing like the 2003 Vikings team that went 6-0 and missed the playoffs. Adrian Peterson has not put up huge numbers but this offense is still clicking. Brett Favre and these receivers are getting on the same page and are looking great. The defense is still a top unit.

5. Broncos

5-0 doesn’t lie. This team has been playing much better defense and are getting the plays on offense to win. Beating the Patriots was the real statement game, not the struggling Cowboys.

6. Bengals

Big jump for this team but they are only a miracle play away from being 5-0. They beat the Ravens and Steelers and are in first place in the best division in the AFC. They’ve got a true number one running back, a good defense, and a quarterback that has given them some late game wins. They are the real deal.

7. Eagles

Dominated another bad team. McNabb looked great in his return and Maclin is emerging as a threat opposite Jackson. Winning without a ton of touches for Westbrook shows the increase in weapons for this offense.

8. Patriots

A tough loss to the Broncos but this team has too many weapons and leaders to continue to struggle. They need Brady to return to form but with the Bills and Dolphins in the division the Pats should be able to stay in the race regardless.

9. Ravens

After a great start the Ravens have a two game losing streak and face a tough opponent in Minnesota this week. They were competitive in both those games and they have tons of talent. They should be in the playoff mix all season.

10. Bears

A week off for this team to rest. Had a winning streak before the bye and will be looking to continue that after.

11. Steelers

After struggling a bit the Steelers have reeled off two victories though against lesser opponents. They have established a running game which will go along way to helping them win games. Will look even better when they get Polomalu back.

12. Falcons

Maybe it wasn’t fair to drop them so far after a loss to the Pats. The week off did them well and they dominated a good 49ers team. If this defense can continue to improve they could challenge for a playoff spot.

13. Jets

Two straight losses and a defensive performance like that against the Dolphins cause the Jets to fall. If the defense doesn’t work things out this team will continue to plummet. They have a soft schedule coming up so they should stay in it, but after a 3-0 start this is not where the Jets wanted to be.

14. Dolphins

I know they just beat the Jets but if we look at the entire season you have to say the Jets have been more impressive. Putting that aside since Henne has started this team has looked a lot better, they faced the Falcons, Chargers and Colts to start. They can definitely make a run at things.

15. Packers

A week off will do them well. They have to fix their protection issues as they have too much talent to be 2-2.

16. Chargers

Maybe they can come back with a running game? Right now this team is one dimensional as they don’t even have a great defense. Maybe Lovie Smith was responsible for the Bears defense instead of Rivera like he claims.

17. 49ers

Maybe Crabtree wasn’t supposed to be signed. For such a good start a performance like that is surprising. That defense looked nothing like the unit we have seen this season and without Gore this offense lacks a punch. This team better make sure this performance doesn’t continue or they won’t make the postseason.

18. Cardinals

Got the win against a not so good Texans team, but still pull back to .500. With the 49ers at 3-2 this team is already back in the race, and if it can play consistently can make a run at the playoffs.

19. Texans

Remember when people chose this as the surprise team. Maybe this franchise is just cursed? They still have talent so they could make a run but at this point it seems unlikely.

20. Seahawks

Well what a way for Hasselbeck to come back. If he can stay healthy they can be competitive in this bad division. They might be a shell of the team they used to be but they still benefit from being in the NFC West.

21. Jaguars

Just as they were gaining some momentum. This team never seems to play consistently. There is talent but they are just not that great of a team.

22. Cowboys

They have beaten teams with a combined record of 1-13 and except for the Bucs did not beat any of these teams decidedly. Without Felix Jones they do not have a good offense and needed a 250 yard day from Miles Austin to win against a bad Cheifs team.

23. Panthers

Well they are finally in the win column. This team is not very good and needs a quarterback. Ron Meeks was not the defensive coordinator for this team.

24. Lions

This team is losing but still playing well. They have a tough start to the season but when they will get more wins.

25. Titans

I know they were 13-3 last season but they haven’t won a game yet. This team has talent but doesn’t care to show it. Not even a divisional match-up was enough to get this team to show up.

26. Cheifs

This team almost beat the Cowboys. Not an amazing achievement this season but it shows they have a pulse, more than can be said of quite a few teams this season.

27. Redskins

Forget about playoffs let’s see how far this team can fall before Snyder has a meltdown. Is it just me or do they always play way worse after a big offseason.

28. Bucs

When is Freeman going to start some games. This team is not competing this season.

29. Browns

Remember two seasons ago when a low scoring game against the Bills was one of two possible playoff contenders? Well this season it was a contest of two bottom dwellers. Both teams need new coaches

30. Bills

See above

31. Raiders

I know the Giants are good but back-ups should never outplay starters. I really don’t know what to say, this team might have problems against some college teams.

32. Rams

They continue to play well but get too many penalties, have too many turnovers and flat out just don’t have the talent to do much this season.

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