Jets Drop Two, Fall to Dolphins

Well I wouldn’t go as far as Rex Ryan and say this was an embarrassment but this was definitely a disappointment. The Jets defense did not play well allowing the Wildcat to walk all over it and made Chad Henne look like Tom Brady in his second career start. Not taking anything away as Henne played great, but if the Jets want to be a top defense they can not let this happen. The Jets have now dropped two straight and missed on a great opportunity to return to first alone.

On offense the Jets looked a lot better. Edwards quickly showed himself as a red zone and deep threat, taking pressure off of Sanchez and letting the offense put up some nice numbers. Sanchez still isn’t going to blow people away and just completed 50% of his passes this week (12-24) but he put them in position to win late and that is huge. The running game got going again and did all they would have to do if the defense played well.

The defense did not play well. Their pressure did not get there and Henne looked really comfortable in the pocket. This probably had something to do with the success the Wildcat had. With so much success on the ground the defense was off balance and the Dolphins capitalized making it look easy against what was once considered the best defense in the league.

Next week the Jets play the Bills and they can not allow this performance to repeat itself. Rex Ryan and this team have too much pride to let that happen and I expect them to come out strong in the game. With the game after the Bills being against the Raiders the Jets have a good chance of climbing to 5-2 before their rematch with the Dolphins. If they belong in the playoffs they will win those games putting them in great position to make the postseason.

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