Giants Trample Raiders

What a performance by the Giants. This game was over so quick after it started. Eli did play the game but it was so out of hand after the first quarter that he was allowed to rest for the remainder. Bradshaw got the running game going after Jacobs struggled, and the passing game was extremely efficient as Eli left with a perfect 158.3 quarterback rating. The lone touchdown for the Raiders came after a bad punt return from Sinorice Moss (why is he still returning kicks?) and a bad call from the refs that kept the Raiders drive alive leading to the touchdown.

Like in my preview it is hard to go over the areas that went well for the Giants as everyone played exceptionally well, showing the Giants are good, and at least this week, the Raiders are awful. The defense dominated and even after the offense went conservative with Carr, the team was still able to outscore the Raiders 16-0.

On offense you would hope Jacobs plays better but outside of that everyone played well. Manningham caught everything and Nicks made plays. Even Darcy Johnson played well filling in for Boss. On defense the team got plenty of turnovers, sacks and kept the Raiders passing game under 100 yards.

was nice to get the win and have Eli start while allowing him to rest for most of it. The Giants have a lot of talent and are always mentally prepared as they could have easily looked to next week and the match-up against the Saints. Now their soft part of the schedule is over so let’s see how they play against the top teams. Many people are saying this could be the best team in the NFL, well the best way to show it will be winning next week.

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