Jets Preview

After taking their first loss of the season last week against the Saints, the Jets look to bounce back and beat the division rival Dolphins. Along the way they hope to show off their new weapon, Braylon Edwards, and jump back to the level of the elite teams. The Jets are going against a Dolphins team that has played alright defensively and outside of the running attack, highlighted by the wildcat, do not have a ton to show offensively. Their starting quarterback, the former Jet, Chad Pennington was lost for the season two weeks ago leaving second year pro Chad Henne to take over. He had a great first game against the Bills but the Jets are going to look to make things more difficult this time around.

This game starts and ends with the defense. The Dolphins have had more success this season than last season with the Wildcat and have actually done an impressive job running the ball. Despite their 0-3 start they have still looked competitive and Henne looked good in his first week. Still the Jets have Rex Ryan, architect of the only defense last season that was able to combat the Wildcat. If the Jets can keep the Wildcat in check the Dolphins will struggle to run the ball and will allow the Jets to send the blitz, something that should cause Henne to make some mistakes.

On offense the Jets need to attack this secondary. They have some good pass rushers in Porter and Taylor, and have been pretty solid against the run, but the secondary has been suspect. This is where the acquisition of Braylon Edwards comes in. His big play potential should get the Jets some big completions when the Dolphins blitz. If the Jets can connect the running game will open up and the Jets should be able to move down the field with relative ease.

The Dolphins are not a bad team so it would not be impossible for them to lose but the edge is definitely with the Jets. They have looked great this season and despite one hiccup to an elite team last week this team has been perfect. The defense should dictate the game making it hard for Miami to do what it likes to do, and if Edwards can get some big completions the Jets should be able to move the ball offensively.

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