Giants Preview

In their last “tune-up” game the Giants face the Raiders returning home for the first time since opening kick-off weekend. The past three weeks the Giants haven’t had a quarterback complete 50% of his passes or throw for over 200 yards. This week they go up against Russel, a quarterback that hasn’t thrown for 40% of his passes. If this kid throws for over a hundred yards I would consider it to be a failure. The big story going into this game is the health of Eli Manning, and if there is any thought that there would be a negative affect if Manning played I would sit him. Not that I am looking past this game, but I believe the Giants should worry more about having Eli in the postseason. Even if they were playing the Saints I would advocate this as one loss in the regular season doesn’t end anything but one in the postseason will.

The Giants have all the advantages here, offense, defense, special teams, there is no need to go through all the areas specifically. The Giants should win this game and use the chance to continue to develop the running game and getting pressure on defense while stopping the run.

The only way they lose this game is if the offense looks past this game and gets some bad turnovers early. The Raiders don’t have that great of a team but they have some good pass rushers in Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour, as well as the best corner in Nnamdi. You don’t want to let the Raiders get into this game and force an injured Eli to win the game or Carr a quarterback who hasn’t started a game since his debacle in Carolina.

The Giants really should take this game and take it in dominant fashion. They have had a soft schedule so far and hopefully these games have given them the time to get everything together to make a run against some good team coming up.

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