Jets Trade for Braylon Edwards

In a bit of a surprise move the Jets traded for Braylon Edwards. They gave up Chansi Stuckey, but the more important part is the draft picks they gave up which are undisclosed at this part. Depending on that information we will know whether the Jets got a steal or just a solid trade. Either way this was a good move for the Jets as long as Edwards personality problems don’t affect the team.

This move could be seen as an overreaction to the Jets performance against the Saints. The thing is the Jets have been trying to get a true number one receiver since they released Coles. The big weakness of this team is their quarterback and wide receiver, and this has affected their running game making their offense as a hole not the most potent unit. The big going for them has been their ability to avoid turnovers and capitalize on the other team’s turnovers.  With this trade teams are going to have to respect the Jets offense now. If they simply go to blitz Sanchez then he probably has a one on one opportunity, something Edwards can take advantage of. In addition teams are going to have to roll over coverage to his side which should open some lanes for the running game.

This was a good move for the Jets as no one sees this as a rebuilding year anymore. Their weaknesses were exposed in a game against the Jets and they made a move that in time could propel them to the league’s elite. Sanchez is a rookie this season and needs some players to help him out, something he hasn’t really had. With Edwards he should be in much better shape. They might start out slow, maybe completing on simple long tosses, but as the season goes on they should develop some good coverage and if Sanchez develops properly and the running game gets on track this offense could challenge some teams.

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