Week Four Power Rankings

Rank           Position Change

1. Giants

Dominated another inferior opponent staying unbeaten. This defense is getting really good and the running game is starting to heat up. When this team gets healthy they will take off.

2. Colts      +1

Peyton Manning is unbelievable. Donald Brown and Joseph Addai will get better, but for now they are 4-0 and look great.

3. Saints      +1

This defense has been making plays the last few weeks and are taking pressure off Brees and the offense. With this balance they will be in the SuperBowl discussion all season.

4. Vikings      +1

Wow so that is what the Vikings can do with a quality quarterback. With Brett Favre’s big day teams are going to focus on the passing game opening up holes for Peterson. If Favre stays healthy this team is elite.

5. Patriots      +10

After back to back wins against possible playoff teams the Pats look to be getting that swagger back. This defense is far better than thought and Brady seems to be getting comfortable.

6. Ravens      -4

Had a tough loss to the Pats but still have a great offense and a punishing defense. Ray Rice had over 100 yards with 11 carries. This team is still one of the best in the league.

7. Jets    -1

Lost but to an elite team. The defense kept the Saints to 10 offensive points. Still they are not going to go very far if they can’t get more production from their offense.

8. Eagles     -1

Had a week off and are getting healthy. They should have Mcnabb and Westbrook back against the Bucs.

9. Bears      +4

After that terrible game against the Packers, Cutler and the Bears have looked great. When Cutler plays within the system the offense is good and defense has playmakers.

10. 49ers

This team plays well week in and week out and outside of a miracle play from a very good team, they would be 4-0. Imagine if this team gets Crabtree this season.

11. Steelers     +3

Had an impressive game Sunday finally running the ball. Still seems to have troubles in the fourth quarter. If the Steelers can run the ball like that they will be fine, if not they might find themselves out of the postseason.

12. Broncos     +7

Ok maybe this team is for real. Still not sure how good the Cowboys are but a team doesn’t get to 4-0 by accident. They have a tough stretch of games so they’ve got to keep this up or they could be like the Bills of last season.

13. Bengals       -4

A win is a win but overtime against the Browns? Still good teams are allowed to have a few stinkers and in the end they are 3-1 and close to 4-0. This team needs to get some big plays down the field.

14. Packers      -3

They can’t protect or run the ball. They get little pressure on the quarterback. Playoff teams win in the trenches and the Packers have not done this. Still they have tons of talent and a good coaching staff. Have to turn it around fast with the Vikes and Bears in the division.

15. Chargers      -7

What has happened to the team. Maybe bad coaching has caught up to them, karma for firing Marty after a 14-2 season. This team still has no running game and is now having trouble stopping the run. They can’t afford any more injuries and with the Broncos starting hot can’t depend on winning the division by default.

16. Jaguars       +4

Maybe I was too harsh last week. Two straight weeks of good football. If the passing game can continue to produce maybe they can make a playoff push.

17. Cowboys        -5

Who said they would be better without T.O.? They have no threat at receiver and without Felix Jones don’t have an explosive running game. They have a good defense but the offense needs to step up in order to win.

18. Falcons          -2

Had the week off. They have talent on offense but the Pats exposed them big time on defense. They need Turner to get it going to be a threat again.

19. Cardinals       -2

Another team with a week off and they better hope they worked out the problems. The 49ers are running away with things and the NFC is too good to sneak into the playoffs.

20. Texans        +1

Beating the Raiders isn’t the most impressive thing. Still this team has talent and is only 2-2 so they can get back into this.

21. Dolphins       +2

Dolphins have to like what they see in Henne. They are a well coached team and are close to being a playoff team again, just not this season.

22. Bills        -4

This team needs a change. Jauron is not the coach for this team and there is not a lot saying Edwards is the quarterback.

23. Titans       -1

So much for best 0-3 team, they look like they belong at 0-4. After a 13-3 season who saw this?

24. Panthers      +1

A week off hopefully gives Delhomme time to get things together. This team needs to get the running game going like last season if they want any hope.

25. Seahawks       -1

Without Hasselbeck this team has no chance. For a team two years removed from the playoffs they have fallen fast. Ignoring the running game has come back to haunt them.

26. Lions

They might have lost again but they look competitive in at least the first half of games. This team will get better, they are close to being average, which is big coming off a 0-16 season.

27. Redskins      +2

Well at least they won this week. Wasn’t Zorn a QB coach, Campbell doesn’t look to be any better.

28. Browns      +3

The switch to Anderson was a good move. At least they will be competitive in their losses.

29. Raiders     -2

They looked competitive in the first weeks but now they just look pathetic. How much longer are they going to allow Russel to start?

30. Bucs   -2

Maybe that is why they started the season with Leftwich. Johnson did not look good and the Bucs lost a game they really could have won.

31. Cheifs   -1

They got decimated by the Giants. This team can’t run, and don’t play well against the run. They have a lot of talent in the front four but this team seems to be getting worse.

32. Rams

They got rocked by the 49ers. There is just not enough talent on this team to compete and it doesn’t get any easier next week as they go against the Vikes.

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