Jets Fall to Tie With Pats at 3-1

Well they weren’t going to go 16-0. At least the first loss of the season for the Jets came against a 4-0 team that look to join the Giants as the class of the NFC. The Jets defense played well and until the end of the game did not give up a touchdown to Drew Brees and that offense. While it is never the fault of one player for a loss, Sanchez was exposed this game and his mistakes cost the Jets a chance at 4-0 falling 24-10 to the Saints.

One offense the Jets were able to move the ball against the Saints but were only able to put up ten points. The running game never got going and Mark Sanchez ended the day with three picks and a fumble in his own end zone. The Saints defense has been good at getting turnovers but they are not a top unit in the NFL so to only get 244 yards of offense, give up four sacks, and have four take aways is not acceptable. The Jets defense has been great but for this team to join the elite level of teams they need to get more production from their offense. They were able to deal with the lack of offensive production because Sanchez limited mistakes but with him giving fourteen points to the Saints the Jets fell.

On defense they were great. Brees never got much into a rhythm and the number one offense did not look that potent. The Saints did get 153 yards on the ground but that was more due to Ryan’s focus on shutting down the passing game than a hole in the Jets defense. The only thing the defense could have done better would have been to get some sacks or create more turnovers. Even that though probably would not have been enough to win. They played against the top offensive unit and basically shut them down, a very impressive showing.

This game was lost by the inexperience of Mark Sanchez. Still there is a lot to be hopeful about for the Jets. This game was a lot closer than the score would indicate and that was against arguably the best team in the league. Sanchez and the offense will get better as the season goes on and when they get a good passing game going this defense will be even better. No one thought this team was an elite team so in a way they are just as good as thought. They are a playoff team that is probably a season away from competing for the SuperBowl. Still anything can happen as the Cardinals made it last year. Right now they are tied with the Pats for first in the division and with the Pats getting better the Jets can’t afford a two game slide. Their next three games are against the Dolphins, Bills and Raiders so if they truly are a playoff team they should win those next three games.

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