Giants Stay Unbeaten Beat Chiefs

The Giants had some problems and looked especially apathetic near the end but did enough right to get a pretty convincing 27-16 win over the 0-4 Chiefs. They rushed for over 150 yards and Eli passed for close to 300 yards hooking up with Steve Smith eleven times in the Game. They had five sacks on the game but outside a fumble on the opening kick off could not get a single turnover despite some good opportunities. They also received eight penalties which is way more than this team should get as it prides itself on being a disciplined group. In the end a win is a win and the Giants are 4-0  returning home to play the Oakland Raiders.

On Offense I was encouraged by the production in the running game. Again this was against an inferior opponent but the Chiefs were playing the run and the Giants were still able to open up some nice holes and Brandon Jacobs was running hard again averaging 4.4 yards per carry, closer to where he wants it to be. Bradshaw has continued to play well averaging 5.3 yards gaining 64 yards on the day. In the passing game Manning and the receivers seemed off with Manningham having his worst game of the season. The connection of Manning to Smith is becoming more dangerous each week as Smith has solidified himself as the number one target for Manning. Boss got into the action a little in the second half ending with four catches on the day, while no one else logged more than one catch. A positive in the passing game is the return of Hakeem Nicks. The Giants first round pick played well near the end of preseason and had a big touchdown catch in this game. If he can improve and find timing with Eli this team could have three good receivers.

On the defensive side of the ball the Giants got good pressure all day and were excellent on third down. Unfortunately they were not good on fourth down giving up several conversions on fourth and long. In addition while it seemed more the product of apathy from a team that felt the game was wrapped up in the third quarter, the Chiefs did get the running game going in the fourth and ended the day with over a hundred yards on the ground averaging 4.2 yards per carry. Though to be fair 25 of the yards came at the end from Cassel and 24 off two runs from back-up Charles in that same span. Just focusing on Larry Johnson the Giants gave up a little over 50 yards and a 2.9 yard average.

The biggest concern with this team is their psyche going into next week. After their thrilling game against the Cowboys they have had two easy games against the Bucs and Chiefs where their lead was never really in jeopardy. They definitely acted that way as they seemed to just be going through the motions in the fourth allowing a 27-3 lead decrease to the 27-16 final. In addition they had eight penalties this game which is way more than they should have. Talent wise they are one of the best teams in the league, and if they continue to get better and Eli can get on the same page as the rest of the receivers they will continue to be good. In the immediate future they have to worry about a letdown to the Raiders and avoid having a game like they did against the Browns last season. As for now the Giants are 4-0 atop their division and look like a real SuperBowl contender.

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