Giants Halftime

Heading into halftime the Giants lead the Chiefs 17-3, dominating them on the defensive side of the ball and moving the ball efficiently on offense. Unfortunately the Giants have turned the ball over twice today, after not turning the ball over the past two weeks.

On offense the running game has been a lot more impressive than it has been all season. While it started out slow, as the game wore on the Giants were able to get more of a push and having Jacobs running with more authority and Bradshaw having some tough runs the Giants are starting to resemble the running game they had last season. On the other hand the passing game has not been as impressive. Steve Smith is having a good game and the rookie Travis Beckum made a superb catch, but outside of them there has not been many other names in the passing game. Manningham has had some bad drops including one that was thrown back for an interception. In fact the big catch he did have on the day was bobbled for a bit before he was finally able to haul it in. Compounding this is the fact that the Giants have not been in rhythm with Eli having some bad throws and seeming on a different page from the receivers. In the last two minutes the Giants were able to move the ball down the field and get Boss in on the action with a catch over the middle almost the same spot Smith caught his second touchdown catch. Hopefully the Giants can take this momentum and put the Chiefs out of the game, possibly continuing to exploit that middle of the field.

On defense the Giants have been great. They are getting pressure on Cassel and keep close coverage on the receivers. More importantly they are tackling well limiting the Chiefs yards after the catch, something that has helped the Giants get the Chiefs off the field on third down. Against the run the Giants have continued to play better but are still giving up some big holes and missing some tackling; however, that is probably being too picky and overall they have played really well. The most telling stat is that the Giants would be pitching a shutout if it wasn’t for a turnover at the Giants 30 setting up a field goal for the Chiefs.

Going into the next half the Giants need to get their passing game going, possibly getting those passes in the middle to Boss if he comes back healthy. If they can put up a quick score or two they can turn their attention grinding out the game with their running attack and getting that pass rush going against a desperate Chiefs team.

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