Jets Preview

The Jets have a big test this week as they go up against the league’s number one offense. The last time Drew Brees played against a Rex Ryan defense his team was down 35-7 before making attempting a come back that fell short as the Saints lost 35-22. While that game was against the Ravens and not the Jets the schemes are similar and it was only when Rex Ryan went away from the blitzes and schemes did Brees get in any kind of rhythm.

For the Jets to win this game they are going to need to have the same success the Ravens had in shutting Brees down. Sanchez and the offense are not explosive enough to keep up in a shoot out. The problem is Brees looks better this season than he has in years past and now he has a healthy Shockey and an improved Colston. In addition the running game has been the best it has been for the Saints since the days of Deuce McAllister. Ryan is going to try and get pressure on Brees and mix up coverages to confuse Brees enough to let the pressure get there. If the Jets can shut Brees down like Buffalo did last week and force the offense to go through the running game, the Saints become a lot less dangerous.

This still puts pressure on Sanchez though as while the Saints won’t blow the Jets out this way they will definitely find ways to put up points. Sanchez is going to have to make plays this game, possibly some big ones in the fourth quarter to seal the win. The biggest thing for the Jets on offense is they have to get their running game going. The Saints have been very good at getting turnovers and putting pressure on the quarterback. If Greg Williams and the Saints D can shut down the Jets running game early Sanchez is going to be in for a rough game.

It looks like a long shot that the Jets will pull this one out but they found ways to win last week, namely two botched kick-offs, and are a talented enough team that with enough bounces going the right way can pull off the upset. The Saints have the big advantage as I believe Bush can have a big day against this defense in the passing game, and if Brees can burn Rex early and force the Jets to play catch up the Saints will pull away big time. Personally I see this either as another blow out win for the Saints or a close win by the Jets ultimately decided by the turnover battle.

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