Giants Preview

Last week the Giants shut out a team struggling to find its identity and this week go up against a team doing no better. The Chiefs have failed to do much offensively or defensively this season going 0-3, including a loss to the abysmal Raiders. Matt Cassel Has been far from the franchise quarterback they thought they were getting when they traded for him in the offseason and the defense still has not gotten a good pass rush. With Tony Gonzales traded away the Chiefs lack offensive options with all of this adding up to another top ten pick this year for Kansas City.

For the Giants to win this game they have to put up points early. This team is a young team and if the Giants can take their confidence away early it will be a long day for the Chiefs. Defensively the Chiefs have not been great against the run, giving up around 120 yards a game on the ground. More importantly they are ranked 25th in the NFL in sacks getting only three sacks all season. What this means to me is the Giants offensive line has a big chance to fix some of their problems early in this season. They have been great in pass protection but in the running game they are struggling to open up the holes we saw last year when the Giants were the NFL’s number one rushing team. With such a porous defensive unit across from them the Giants offensive line should go into this game with the intention of absolutely dominating. The Chiefs, like every other team this season, will most likely attempt to stop the run so passing early might be the best way to go to grab that lead, though i personally believe the Giants should go in trying to run the ball as that should be the team’s identity.

On defense the Chiefs have one of the worst rushing attacks in the game so unless the Giants have a game like they did last week nothing they do will really be that impressive. Instead it will be important to see if the front four can get pressure on the quarterback, like they did last week, and see how Dockery plays coming off the injury for his first start of the season. In two games Cassel has thrown two picks so look for the secondary to try to get a few turnovers this week.

Personally I do not see how the Giants can lose this. I know any given Sunday anything can happen, but short of bad luck and stupid turnovers the Giants should have no problem dominating on both sides of the ball. Offensively Eli should have plenty of time to pass against a mediocre secondary, and the offensive line should be able to get a push in the running game. Defensively I do not see the Chiefs getting anything going on the ground forcing Cassel to do too much against a ferocious pass rush, which should lead to a pick or two as the Giants keep trucking to 4-0. The Giants are starting to get healthy and if they can use these next two games to continue to work out the kinks they should be set for a big run.

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