With Rookie QB Jets Advance to 3-0

Despite what the score says this was a defensive game all the way. Both teams had trouble converting on third down and ultimately the Jets won from scoring more points off of their turnovers. The running game never got going leaving a lot up to the rookie. Mark Sanchez struggled through this game but did not turn the ball over and did enough right to lead the Jets to victory. With the defense keeping the Titans offense uncomfortable all day a few special teams blunders by the Titans were enough to decide the game as the Jets win 24-17.

The Jets offense got off to a fast start passing the ball well getting into the end zone twice. After that though the Titans started to clamp down and kept the Jets running game in check. With more responsibility Sanchez looked like a rookie but managed to avoid turnovers. That was huge for the Jets as while they would have liked to score more points their defense is the unit that is going to win games for them and if Sanchez turns the ball over it makes it much harder for the defense to do that. In addition he made enough plays to get the Jets on the board and score the Jets 24 points. The running game didn’t perform well but that has more to do with playing a tough defense focusing on the run than the running game being pitiful. Thomas Jones isn’t going to lead the AFC this year but he will be solid.

On defense the Jets did a great job of getting pressure on Collins and keeping the running game from beating them. Chris Johnson and Lendale White found room to run but it wasn’t enough to beat the Jets. They got turnovers when they needed and really did a great job against an offense that scored 31 points the week before. Ultimately this game was won because the Titans punt returner muffed the ball twice giving the Jets the ball basically in the Red Zone, but without Sanchez getting the ball into the end zone the Jets would not have won. The Jets are 3-0 with a rookie QB, the first team to do that since the 1970 merger.

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