Jets Halftime

The Jets could not have asked for a better start to this game taking the opening possession down the field for a touchdown and after a fumble by the Titans on the ensuing kickoff the Jets got the ball right back into the endzone going up 14-0. The problem is that is the last good thing the Jets were able to do as Mark Sanchez has not been able to complete many passes and the Titans have started to move the ball on the Jets, coming back to make this a 14-10.

On offense the running game is starting to stall putting more pressure on Mark Sanchez who just is not getting it done. Without a concrete threat of a running game the Titans are able to tee off on the pass and get after Sanchez with the Titans playing much tighter coverage. In the second half the Jets are going to have to get the running game going again as Sanchez is being exposed as the rookie qb he is. Throwing it early was working and it is tempting since the Titans have been beaten in the passing game the past two weeks but the Jets are not built to toss the ball around.

On defense the Jets were doing very well eliminated holes and making sound tackles. They were getting pressure on Collins and were making it difficult for them to pass the ball. With the Jets offense stalling the Titans had time to catch up and once Chris Johnson got going they were able to pick it up. Johnson was able to make some nice cut backs and once that jump started the running game taking the pressure off Collins. With time to pass the Titans were able to move the ball down the field and make this a close game after it looked like the Jets were going to run away with it. The Jets look like they need another turnover and change the momentum of this game. That might mean turning the pressure up again and try to rattle Kerry Collins. The difficult part is balancing this with the ability to stop the run as Chris Johnson can take it to the house on any play.

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