Giants Trample Over Bucs Advance to 3-0

The Giants beat the Bucs by a score of 24-0. They seemingly have fixed their most glaring problems of a week ago by rushing for 226 yards and holdingĀ  the Bucs to just 28 yards rushing. Eli threw for two scores and no picks as the Giants managed to avoid turnovers for the second straight week. While they did not record a sack they pressured Leftwich all day keeping the Bucs 0-9 on third down conversions.

On offense the Giants were able to run the ball but they just did not seem to consistently get positive yards. The line just does not seem to open up many holes as most of Bradshaw’s yards came from broken tackles and cutbacks, and Jacobs never really got it going. If the Giants were playing a better team I am not certain they would have had a lot of success running. Still the game was encouraging because no matter who you are playing 226 yards is impressive especially when their starters rested almost the entire 4th quarter. Eli was efficient this game converting third downs and avoiding sacks and turnovers. Steve Smith has earned his spot as the team’s number one receiver as he stepped up all day making fantastic catches. It was encouraging to see the Giants get touchdowns in the red zone but discouraging to see Tynes miss an easy field goal. He can not continue to do this as he missed a fairly easy field goal last week as well.

On defense the Giants were superb again not sure if the Bucs have quit already as they didn’t seem to put up a fight, but regardless the Giants just dominated. The Bucs did not convert a single third down making it very hard to get any rhythm going. The Giants shut the running game down early and were able to get pressure on Leftwich with just four men. With no time to pass against superb coverage Leftwich had to settle for dump offs that quickly went nowhere. The coverage was an encouraging thing as Kenny Phillips was recently put on the IR having three starters in the secondary injured. This kind of production can not be expected every week so it will be interesting to see how the Giants play the next couple weeks.

Overall the Giants did exactly what they had to do, they played a weak team and came out with an easy win correcting some of their mistakes from last week. If they continue to build on this they can become a dominate team. As of now the only glaring problem I see is the offensive line’s ability to open up holes. Like I said last week with the play of Eli and the receivers defenses should be stacking the box less and if the Giants can get their running game going they will be an absolutely dominant offense, as being on the field for 43 minutes of a game you hope to score more than 24 points. But enough nitpicking, the Giants are 3-0 with a game against the Chiefs coming next week.

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