Giants Halftime

I don’t know if the Bucs have given up on the season or the Giants play has dramatically increased but the Giants defense have flat out dominated this first half. They are getting a pass rush with four against a good offensive line in the Bucs, and they are playing the run much better than they have been. There have been some open holes but the Giants have been tackling very well. On offense the Giants are getting production from their running game and finally scoring touchdowns in the redzone scoring two in three opportunities. Manning has been efficient on third down, all of which has led to a 14-0 lead.

On defense the Giants have been very impressive holding the Bucs to 19 total yards and no first downs. Like stated earlier they are getting pressure with just their front four which has been big because it has allowed the Giants to keep their defenders in coverage which has left almost no gains on dump off passes. They are also making tackles leading the Bucs with almost no yards after the catch. The Giants seem to be playing the run heavily after getting gashed last week as before snaps the Giants seem to be playing tight and close to the line trying to smother any potential run. There have been too many holes for the amount of guys they have up there but ultimately you have to look at the stats and the plan is working.

For the offense Eli has been efficient but unspectacular. He has missed some open receivers and got lucky with Steve Smith wrestling the ball away on what looked like a sure pick. The offensive line has been great in pass protection but again not that great opening up holes. This has been a problem all season and it seems to have effected Jacobs running as he seems very hesitant before running, tiptoeing before hitting the hole. Bradshaw on the other hand has looked surperb, not only hitting the hole hard but finding cutbacks. Steve Smith has stepped up again really answering the Giants call for a reliable first option target. Manningham hasn’t looked as good early but recently has been picking it up overall he has 3 catches for 35 yards.

The Giants seem in control of this game and have shown improvements in the areas they needed to. Ultimately I would like to see Jacobs run the ball a little better and for the offensive line to open up more holes. They are finding running room but I don’t know how they would be doing against a good team playing well. On defense there is very little to complain about and if anything you just hope they can keep this up.

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