Jets vs Titans Preview

Last season the Titans were handed a 34-13 loss, their first of the season, to drop them to 10-1 and give the Jets real SuperBowl aspirations. Unfortunately it went downhill for the Jets after that but the way they dominated the Titans gives fans good reason to believe they can beat them again and improve to 3-0 with rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez. The past two weeks the Jets have played absolute lights out defense holding two potent offenses without a touchdown. The Titans on the other hand have started 0-2 first losing in a tight defensive contest to the Steelers than a shoot-out to the Texans, begging the question:what is this team’s identity?

Looking at this game you can look at the Titans 0-2 start as either a good sign or a bad one. While the 0-2 start does show the Titans have not gotten off to a great start you have to look at the opponents played, the Steelers and Texans, and know they played some tough opponents. While the Jets did play the Texans too the Titans are division foes with the Texans making it easier for the Texans to figure out the Titans defense, while the Jets had implemented a new defense that the Texans had no way to game plan for and it showed. Also the Titans lost each of those games by a field goal with the loss to the Steelers coming in overtime. This isn’t to say I think the Titans will win but I think it will be a tough game for the Jets and at the least a good test to see where this team is at.

The Titans offense has played much better this season but the pass defense has taken a big step back and after watching the Texans put up some big numbers I believe the Jets will try to open up the game passing, especially after the success they had when they unleashed Sanchez in the second half of the Pats game. On the defensive side you have to believe from everything you’ve seen from the Jets these past two weeks that they are going to come right at the Titans with pressure and force Kerry Collins into turnovers giving the Jets and rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez good field position.

With the way these two teams have been playing you’d think that the edge would go to the Jets here but I am not ready to say that yet. I hope the Jets pull it out and continue this great play but there are too many reasons to believe the Titans will get the win. First off they have to be desperate for a win as no one ever wants to fall into a 0-3 hole so you have to believe the players will come out motivated. Second the Jets were able to surprise the Texans and stymie a Patriots offense that hasn’t done much but there is now game tape on the Jets that the Titans can use to take advantage of. Rex Ryan is an aggressive coach and for that reason you can expect tons of blitzes, well the best way to counteract that is a good running game with a few nice draws and screens. This I believe Chris Johnson is perfect for and after his big day last week look for him to pull off some big runs. Now the Titans do look weak on defense but that is mainly the pass defense and while Sanchez looked good last week they did only score 16 points against a Pats defense that looks to have taken a big step back. If the Titans can find ways to get into the end zone against the Jets I am not so sure Sanchez can lead them to victory.

The Jets defense has been spectacular so far this season so it is not fair to say that they are going to get gauged by the Titans so in that respect if the Jets can continue their play on defense they should pull out the victory, but if the Titans can take advantage of their over aggressiveness the Jets could find themselves 2-1 at the end of the day.

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