Giants vs Bucs Preview

As mentioned earlier in the week the Giants have lost Kenny Phillips for the season and so this is their first opportunity to see how C.C. Brown will perform in a starter’s spot. In addition the Giants are dealing with several injuries in the secondary and throughout the defense. Lucky for the Giants they are playing a relatively weak team with their easiest stretch of the schedule coming up with games against the Chiefs and Raiders to follow.

The Giants problems this season have been running the ball and stopping the run, and this is the perfect opportunity to work on them. The problem is the Bucs have been good against the run so if the Giants can’t fix their problems the Bucs could have a big offensive day. Defensively the Giants should focus on shutting the running game down first, with a focus on Byron Leftwich and the pass second.

Offensively the Bucs have been exposed to the deep ball and if the Giants can get a few big plays the safety will have to stay out of the box opening up lanes for Brandon Jacobs. As much as you want to say you play to win the game, the Giants should really take the opportunity to get their running game going because if they can’t figure it out they aren’t going to go far this season; however, if they get the running game going they can be a very dangerous offensive team.

Ultimately you hate to say anything like this because looking past a game is what causes teams to lose them, but this stretch is at the perfect time for the Giants to figure out how to improve their two week points and if they walk out of the game without signs of improvement it will be a disappointment.

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