Yankees Trim Magic Number to 3

With the Yankees in command of the division and the Red Sox likely taking the Wild Card this game does not hold the weight of most Red Sox-Yankees games, but nonetheless it was an important game for the Yankees as they wanted to see if Chamberlain could have a good outing to help them feel more secure about their rotation. Well the Yankees had a nice showing with Joba going six innings giving up only three earned runs while the Yankees shelled Lester for five runs in two and a third innings before a ball off the bat of Melky knocked him out of the game. The Yankees went on to win the game 9-5 and bringing their magic number to three in order to win the division.

This was definitely a big game for the Yankees, as they were able to come from a big series win over the Angels to win the first game of the series against the Red Sox, two teams they could see come playoff time; however, the bigger part of this of course was the play of Joba as at this point the division is all but sealed up. Joba was able to pitch very well and turn it on against a good Red Sox line-up, now it will be interesting to see if he can build on this in his next start but it was definitely nice to see him pick it up in a big spot and when he was asked to. If Joba can give the Yankees this kind of production come postseason then they will have themselves a very good fourth starter rounding out their rotation nicely.

Most likely the Yankees will be playing the winner of the Central division, either the Tigers or Twins, in the first round of the playoffs. These two teams have the ability to beat the Yankees but as was shown during the course of the season the Yankees have generally played well against them, with a series lead of 5-1 over the Tigers and 7-0 against the Twins. With the other teams they most likely would play being the Red Sox and Angels, it is a good sign that they Yankees have been able to take it to both recently. Overall while the Yankees have not had the most consistent pitching rotation you’ve got to like the talent there and if they can turn it on for the postseason the Yankees will go far, especially with the line-up they have as the Yankees always seem to score tons of runs.

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