Mets Shaking Up Management

There have been reports that the Mets will not re-hire Ramon Pena, a special assistant to GM Omar Minaya, and the head of international scouting. This is expected to be part of a bigger shake-up of the Mets Minor League system as a way of cleaning house after such a disappointing season. While the Wilpons have constantly said they are behind Omar Minaya and largely put the blame of this season on the injuries, there are reports that behind the scenes they are fuming about how their investment has worked out. While Minaya’s job is still safe, maybe due more to the fact that they just extended him than that they really believe in him, it looks like a lot of the people he hired will be shown the door. This in essence is probably a sign that this is Minaya’s last shot, as if the Wilpon’s truly had faith in him they wouldn’t be so fast to empty house of the people Minaya believed in and brought in, in the first place.

I am glad to see this shake-up as I have been disappointed with what I have seen this season. Yes there is a good chance the Mets would be competing for a playoff spot right now if the rash of injuries had not happened, but if the past few years have been any indication, they might have still missed it by a few games. In Minaya’s tenure the Mets have gone to the playoffs once, falling farther behind the Phillies each season. Minaya has definitely made this team better than what he was given, but the payroll also increased dramatically, and there has been almost no influx of young talent. Starting with the starting rotation; Johan Santana was obtained probably more due to the fact they could afford him and the Twins incompetence; Mike Pelfrey one of the lone young players has regressed; Oliver Perez recently signed to a big deal is a flop; John Maine spent most of the season on the DL…again; and Livan Hernandez didn’t even make it through a full season before he was shipped out. Of these players only Pelfrey was brought up through the Met’s farm system. For the Line-up you have Carlos Delgado, Luis Castillo, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Brian Schneider/Omir Santos, Daniel Murphy/Fernando Tatis, Carlos Beltran, and Ryan Church/Jeff Francoeur. Jose Reyes and David Wright were brought up through the Mets system but before Minaya got there. Of the players brought up with Omar, Omir Santos and Daniel Murphy, none have distinguished themselves as everyday players. Both players are hitting slightly above .260 and are not expected to have a full time starting spot next season with Santos expected to see the most playing time out of a platoon. In addition with so many players going down this season you’d think there would be someone called up to showcase their abilities but no one really fit the bill.

Plainly speaking the Mets haven’t developed much talent with Minaya, and do not have a particularly deep farm system now. Most of his additions have been big money deals, with Beltran, Delgado, Pedro, Santana, and K-Rod coming to the Mets more because of their Market and financial status than from shrewd GMing by Omar Minaya. It is nice to see that while the Wilpons plan to stick with Minaya, they aren’t going to just sit on their hands because there were a lot of injuries. While I would prefer that the Mets move on instead of going into next season with a lame-duck GM, I have to believe that if they are going to stick with Omar he has some sort of plan and while I have not been a big fan of his, as a fan I hope he finds a way of turning things around.

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