Giants Hold On Give Jerry Little Reason to Celebrate New Stadium

After a back and forth game where the Giants had trouble controlling the lines, the Giants managed a last second field goal to pull out the 33-31 victory over the Cowboys in their new stadium. As stated in the halftime report the Giants went through the entire game without getting control of either line, so how did they pull out the win?

It started with luck as there were some ridiculous turnovers, but you can’t take away the play the defenders made as you still need to make the catches, have good coverage, and pick up the fumble. The turnovers led to 24 of the Giants 33 points with 7 of those points resulting from a pick six and an ensuing extra point kick. Now this wasn’t the entire story of the game as Eli Manning had an absolutely spectacular game and is really justifying that contract extension. On that last drive he started at the 10 with a first and 20 after a penalty and still easily moved the Giants into field goal range. In addition Manningham really stepped up and seems to be proving that he can be this teams number one receiver. He finished the night with ten catches for 150 yards and a touchdown. Smith also had a nice game with over 100 yards and ten catches and it looks like these two should be the starters.

On defense the Giants really need to get better at stopping the run and getting pressure on the quarterback. Romo had some bad mistakes and missed some open receivers. With a good performance from Romo the Giants might have gotten blown out, especially considering the Cowboys gained 250 yards on the ground. Now they had a big loss early in the game with Tuck going down with an injury but they still have to play better at the line of scrimmage.

Returning to the offense it was troubling to see the problems the offense had opening up holes and getting a running game going. The game ended without the Giants getting 100 yards rushing, something that would have seemed impossible last season. Perhaps the Cowboys sold out against the run, but the mark of a good team is to be able to run the ball well even when a team is defending against it.

Looking at positives the Giants hopefully put to rest the idea that they can’t pass the ball and give teams something to gameplan about. If Manningham can continue this inspired play and they can find a third target teams are going to have to respect the pass especially the deep ball to Manningham, this in turn should open up holes in the running game. They also managed to avoid turnovers all game and after creating four turnovers ended the game +4 which like Tom Coughlin preaches, is absolutely huge.

Looking forward the Giants have games against the Bucs, the Chiefs, and the Raiders before a tough game against the Saints. These three games should give them time to work out their run blocking, get healthy and fix their schemes on defense. It might just be me but I don’t see the defense having the same swagger they had the past two season as in the last two minutes the Giants have always been stellar, but in these past two games have allowed the opposing offense to march down the field. If the Giants can work these issues out they are looking at a great season, but if they can’t, it seems unlikely they will walk away with the ultimate prize, a SuperBowl champion. For right now they are 2-0 and more importantly they have two wins in the division .

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