Josh Thole

Unfortunately it looks like it is time to think about next season as the Mets have recently been eliminated from the playoffs. One thing to look at is the situation at catcher where Schneider is going to be a free agent and the Mets aren’t likely to re-sign him. While Santos has played better than expected this season, it is unlikely he will be the unquestioned starter and so another player will likely be added to join to platoon with him. Looking at the free agent class you see a lot of older players with no real impact players. With the Mets wanting to cut payroll it might be better to spend the little money they will on a more important position. A few weeks ago the Mets top catching prospect, Josh Thole, was called up and played extremely well making it likely that the Mets will use him in the platoon next year allowing them to spend on different positions.

This move makes sense because as stated it saves the Mets money while allowing them to see what they have in one of their prospects. In a platoon with Santos the Mets could have themselves a very good platoon at catcher. The problemĀ  with this is it seems all too similar to what happened with Daniel Murphy last year. Murphy was called up near the end of the season and played really well. In the offseason the Mets decided to platoon him with Tatis before awarding him the full-time starting job in LF, causing the Mets to pass over some free agent LFers such as Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu. It seemed like a good idea but after pitchers got adjusted to Murphy, Murphy’s play diminished greatly and now the Mets aren’t sure whether to continue the experiment with Murphy next year or look for another option.

With the question mark surrounding Murphy is it really the best idea to give Thole such a big part in the offense just because of a fast start, especially after his recent 0-10 streak. Ultimately after looking at both sides of the argument the best idea is to give Thole a chance to win the job if he continues to play well this season. Bring in competition for him but not a top free agent pick-up, especially because there is really no one worth the money. If Thole can beat the player out in Spring Training then by all means allow him the platoon. In the end Santos will still be on the team and while he is not an all-star he is good enough to keep the position from being a liability.

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