Jets Halftime

Going into halftime the score is 9-3 and with the way the Jets have played on offense they couldn’t have asked for a better score. The Patriots have made it into the red zone three times and have walked away with three field goals. One big play by the Jets and they regain the lead.

This game appears to dominated by the two defenses but to be honest it looks more like sloppy play by the two offenses. Tom Brady and his receivers have been off, with too many passes going to places receivers aren’t. In addition there seems to be a good amount of drops again. The Jets are helping to throw Brady off with the constant pressure but like the game against the Bills if Tom Brady and the receivers can get on the same page they will really pull away.

The Jets had an inexcusable fumble deep in their own territory and without that they are only down by three. In addition the play calling has been a bit bland but this really seems more a way to protect Sanchez than bad play calling. On the last drive the Jets were able to move the ball well as they were able to run pretty effectively against the Pats. As I mentioned in the previous article, for the Jets to be able to win this game they have to establish a running game like the Bills did last week.

While the game is close the Jets really need to close the gap and even take a lead before the Patriots offense takes off. If the Jets keep it close my money is on Tom Brady to do what he has done so many times and lead a fourth quarter touchdown drive, but if the Jets can take over the game now and keep Brady off the field perhaps they can take the game.

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