Jets Beat Patriots, Advance to First In AFC East

Coming out after halftime the Jets were trailing the Patriots 9-3 but after two big passing gains the Jets jumped to a 10-9 lead, one they would not relinquish for the rest of the game. While Sanchez had a great game the story has to be this Jets defense that left the Patriots scoreless and held them to a 4 and out in the final minutes with the Patriots down by only a touchdown. This isn’t to diminish what Sanchez did, he played magnificently especially considering this is his second start in the NFL.

Going into halftime my belief was the Jets could run on this defense and if they established the run they would be able to take control of this game. That gameplan did not seem to be the one Rex Ryan had, as the Jets came out throwing and it was the passing game that gave the Jets the lead. In addition the Jets did a great job of giving the rookie quarterback plenty of time as the protection was superb.

On defense the Jets just kept coming after Brady, and Brady never got comfortable. This combining with the fact that Wes Welker was out and the receivers playing just did not seem in sync was enough to keep the Patriots quiet all day. Already just two games into the season the Jets have found their identity and played exactly the way Rex Ryan said they would. They are an aggressive defense that finds ways to get pressure on the opposing quarterback.

Overall this was a very impressive game for the Jets, and the first place team seems to be in good position to make the playoffs. This team looks good especially when you see that this week the Texans have scored 34 points on a Titans defense that is supposed to be one of the best in the league. The Patriots do not look like a great team this season with a weak defense and an offense that is just out of sync. Now a 1-1 start is not a huge hole so if they ever get it together they can make a run, but as of right now it looks like the Jets biggest competition might be the Bills.

Looking forward the Jets have two tough games in the Titans and Saints followed by two divisional games against the Dolphins and Bills. These four games will be a good test for this Jets team and if they can come out of it with a winning record they have a great chance of making the playoffs this year.

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